The Ridge House, Inc.

The Ridge House, Inc.


Located in Reno, Nev., The Ridge House provides residential and outpatient treatment for men and women struggling with behavioral health and addiction disorders. Treatment is gender-specific, and there are specialized tracks for former offenders and for veterans.


Client are placed in one of eight gender-specific residential facilities, one of which is just for women and one of which is primarily for veterans. The main goal of the program is for each client to become independent, with focus placed on financial independence.

All clients are placed in a local job position or in the facility’s work program which works with area businesses to send clients out on jobs. Clients take job retention courses which teach customer service, financial planning, and professionalism in order to help individuals feel secure in their positions. The facility even pays for extra training, if needed.

Throughout a client’s stay, they are also provided with financial education, case management, mentoring services, resumé building skills, communication building skills, as well as individual and group counseling for mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse disorders.


Treatment is led by a clinical director and administered by counselors, social workers, and other staff with addiction and recovery experience.


Available information about this facility’s accommodations and amenities is limited at the time of this writing. The facility’s website does say that there is space for 53 residents at any given time.


A single former client has provided with feedback about this facility to date. The anonymous alum awarded mostly five out of five stars, though exercise options, family involvement, cleanliness, and affordability earned three stars while holistic options and connectivity earned just two stars.The reviewer listed qualities of the program, such as “family friendly” and “dedicated to recovery.” They also added: “If you are a exfelon and have an addiction of any kind and you wish to change your life around there is help at the Ridge House for you.”

Reviewers who left ratings on secondary sources reported positive experiences as well. To date, 19 ratings on the facility’s official Facebook page, which it has the ability to edit, average 4.7 out of five stars.[1] Those who left comments all had positive things to say, including Thea who wrote in a reflective comment: “The absolute BEST place you could go to find recovery and people to help you and support you in a positive manner through it! not just while your in the program but after you make it out the program!”

Feedback is far more negative on Google to date where there are five ratings that averaged 1.6 out of five stars.[2] Those who left commentary noted that staff were not professional. “The staff is so detached from what a recovering addict needs they deprive patients the ability to go to meetings and be active in their own recovery,” wrote a one-star reviewer. “All the staff do is talk about the clients behind their backs and talk down to them,” added Anna, also giving five stars.


The facility’s website does not list pricing information or mention insurance, but it does say it relies heavily on donations.


Reviews about The Ridge House, Inc.

  • Treatment Effectiveness
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  • Strengths: Patient, concern, serious, dedication, helpful, family friendly,resourceful & dedicated to recovery. If you are a exfelon and have an addiction of any kind and you wish to change your life around there is help at the Ridge House for you.