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Teen Challenge Sandhills, NC

Teen Challenge Sandhills, NC


Located on 31 acres of woodland in Carthage, N.C., Teen Challenge Sandhills has been in operation for almost 30 years. It is a faith-based, residential rehab for adult men, despite the name, struggling with chemical dependency.

Teen Challenge is only the first stage of treatment, after which clients transfer to a training center in Pennsylvania.


To gain admission, individuals must be sober and not “severely emotionally or intellectually handicapped,” according to the facility’s website. Clients undergo a physical exam before beginning the program.

Length of stay is 14 months for the full program though Teen Challenge is only Phase 1. Once this phase is complete, clients transfer to a training center in Rehreresburg, Pa. for Phase II which lasts at least 10 months.

During a clients stay, they participate in group studies that focus on obedience to God, successful Christian living, temptation, and how to study the bible. There are also individualized studies for memorizing scripture and learning lessons from the Bible.

Families are automatically enrolled in the Student and Family Enrichment Program which educates loved ones about addiction and promotes healing throughout the entire family. There is also a Family Day offered once per month which includes training and fellowship with possible visitation at the end.

For those who complete treatment, the Graduate Program provides continuing care as clients advance from trainee to intern to apprentice. Additionally, Restoration is a three to four month alumni support program for graduates of the program.


The program director has been with the organization since 1987, pioneering the men’s residential program, and is a graduate of Teen Challenge in Southern California.


The program provides clothing, food, and all materials necessary for advancement. There is space for 38 men between three dorms. Specific details about living conditions are not available at this time.

WHAT ALUMNI SAY has received a single review to date. M.L. gave five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, accommodations, and meals but noted that “Until the addict actively surrenders to GOD & accepts HIM as their Higher Power the disease process continues killing our Loved Ones.”

Elsewhere online, 19 reviewers have reported positive ratings averaging 4.6 out of five stars on the program’s Facebook page.[1] Several praised the program for changing their lives, including Bridgett who wrote: “It also taught me how to be a leader and live a structured life and putting Jesus first.”


Though has yet to receive feedback from loved ones, the parent of a former client provided a rating of one out of five stars on Facebook for her son’s experience. “My son was just there and the food was good donated to them no fruits or veggies.The water was from a faucet I’m the bathroom out of a Dixie cup is was how drank the nasty water that came out of the faucet,” wrote Cheryl.


Costs include a $1,000 admission fee and then $500 per month. The program does not accept insurance at this time.


Reviews about Teen Challenge Sandhills, NC

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Until the addict actively surrenders to GOD & accepts HIM as their Higher Power the disease process continues killing our Loved Ones !!