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Insight Human Services - Robert S. Swain Recovery Center Black Mountain North Carolina

The treatment provided at Swain Recovery Center is focused on holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. The center offers both residential and outpatient services to help clients understand and address their addiction, improve self-esteem, and achieve a substance-free life. Treatment modalities include motivational interviewing, relapse prevention therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, the Seven Challenges, and the Matrix Model.

About Insight Human Services – Robert S. Swain Recovery Center

The Robert S. Swain Recovery Center, located in Black Mountain, N.C., is a residential treatment facility for adults and adolescents dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. It operates under Insight Human Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization serving over 50 counties in North Carolina. The center incorporates evidence-based practices and therapies and is situated in the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center.

Treatment & Assessment

The Swain Recovery Center recognizes that men and women respond differently to drugs and alcohol and offers gender-specific programming for adult clients. Treatment begins with comprehensive evaluations in biological, psychological, and social aspects, as well as psychiatric care to address co-occurring issues. The center uses evidence-based practices such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Clients are encouraged to participate in individual, family, and group therapy, addiction education, expressive arts, nature and recreation therapy, as well as 12-step based classes. Priority admission is given to specific groups such as pregnant women, intravenous drug users, individuals with tuberculosis, and those who are HIV positive. The length of stay is 42 days for adults and 90 days for adolescents. Adolescents receive treatment based on the evidence-based program called the Seven Challenges, and an in-house educational program is available to all individuals, wherein they can pursue their education while in treatment.

After completing the treatment program, clients are referred to aftercare services.

Staff Credentials

Information is limited regarding the staff’s credentials, although the facility does have its own clinical director.

Accommodations & Amenities

The Swain Recovery Center, in collaboration with the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center, can accommodate 22 residents, 18 adults, and four adolescents.

What Alumni Say has received positive reviews from four alumni of the Robert S. Swain Recovery Center. These alumni have rated the treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, as well as the meals and nutrition with four or five stars. They frequently commend the professional and understanding staff, with comments expressing gratitude for the treatment received.

On CiteHealth and Google, the facility has received perfect five-star ratings from alumni who praised the staff and therapeutic tools used during treatment.

What Friends & Family Say has one review from a loved one, which highly praises the treatment provided at the Robert S. Swain Recovery Center. The reviewer emphasizes the care and compassion shown by all counselors and gives five-star ratings for treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition.


Insight Human Services accepts private insurance and Medicaid for covered services. The organization receives funding from state, local, and private sources, and offers payment options based on a sliding scale.

Insight Human Services – Robert S. Swain Recovery Center Reviews

I am a former client
I thoroughly enjoyed my stayed at Swain Recovery Center. My counselor was beyond amazing. She and the rest of the staff taught me things about recovery that I never knew even through several different treatment centers. Thank you Swain for helping me save my life and regain self love.
I've been to 6 different residential treatment facilities, and Dwain was hands down the most effective. The staff there truly cares about each individual, and each client receives a very personalized treatment plan.
I was inpatient and have remained clean for almost 8 years. I use my tools from Swain every single day. Ive even been back to be a client speaker and it has encouraged me to keep speaking at meetings,facilities and events. I had been in treatment at other places and it never worked before. Very professional staff. I love them and the treatment I recieved
As a mother of a patient that has been attended your facility for the past five weeks , I can't say enough good things about the treatment he is receiving . I do make the Sunday visits t and are impressed by the care and compassion I see from every single counselor that I make contact with . I love to see him have new friends that he genuinely cares for . ( I hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes ) and He , himself have made comments about the been level of kindness that has been shown to him . To be honest . I wish there was someway he could stay longer . Six weeks isn't enough to completely clear his head . when he does return home he will go back to living alone and feeling isolated again . Then add in the chaos and grief that Daymark Recovery Center has caused us as a family . As his mother , know that I am thankful for all the positive energy that you have sent my sons way . I am forever grateful .