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Northland Outpatient Treatment Center

Northland Outpatient Treatment Center Milford Ohio

Substance Abuse is a treatable disease. The goal of treatment is to promote a higher level of functioning and improve the clients quality of life. Our approach is Person-Centered based on the individuals needs, abilities, preferences, desired outcomes and cultural background of every client served.


Northland Treatment Center is a privately run, state-certified drug and alcohol treatment center in Milford, Ohio. Established in 1984, Northland helps adults aged 18 and older today through its physician-designed intensive outpatient (IOP) program of 10 to 12 weeks. Outpatient detoxification services as well as a 10-week course for expecting mothers are also on offer.

Northland does not, per its website, treat addictions to sex, gambling, and food.


Central to Northland’s addiction recovery program is the belief that substance abuse is a “treatable, chronic disease that affects both the patient and the family.” Of the many goals embedded in treatment, programming aims to educate patients and families on the long-term effects of leaving substance abuse untreated and teach coping skills and tools needed for lasting behavioral and attitudinal changes. All clients begin with an initial diagnostic evaluation to help determine the services most needed.

The IOP is completed in 10 to 12 weeks, three nights a week. During this time, participants meet for private therapy and in group settings and attend 12-step meetings, required and seen by Northland as a “necessary parallel path of recovery to maintain lifelong sobriety.” After IOP, clients may receive aftercare support, relapse prevention, crisis counseling, and case management to help gain their footing in the early stages of recovery. Loved ones are encouraged to attend once to twice weekly family education groups.

The M.O.T.H.E.R. program offers additional education and support for expecting women who are already enrolled in treatment at Northland. A healthy birth, maternal skills development, and abstinence are major focuses of this program.


Both treatment plans and treatment itself is tailored by a team of physicians, licensed chemical dependency counselors (LCDCs), and social workers.


S.S., an alum surveyed anonymously by, highlighted the program’s “Good speakers” and strict rules. They gave five-star ratings for the staff’s level of training and experience and the treatment for co-occurring disorders, yet only one star for the holistic opportunities and two stars for the 12-step programming. “Stay focused,” they added.

Northland also has an excellent average rating of 4.6 stars out of five from 22 Google reviewers to date. “All of the staff including doctors and counselors are amazing!!!” wrote Moriah. And Betty gave reason behind her five-star rating: “I gave Northland 5 stars because coming here and getting help saved my life.”[1]


In their survey, K.C., an addition tech at Northland, gave their employer many five-star ratings, including metrics measuring the credentials and experience of the medical, addiction, and mental health care staff as well as the overall quality of patient care. They also commended Northland for its “excellent patient to staff ratio” and for providing clients with opportunity for off-site recreation.


Northland participates with most insurance (including Medicaid) and managed care plans in the Greater Cincinnati area. Payments plans are also possible.


Reviews about Northland Outpatient Treatment Center

This place is wonderful! It has changed my life in so many ways I can't even explain them... The ppl here treat u amazing! They make u feel to comfortable. No need to be worried because they have it all under control!
I felt like a lost soul that didn't realize how bad my addiction really was...well until I found Northland! From the 1st time walking through Northland's doors until now(just over a year later)-all I can really attest to is that I will be forever grateful for everything that I have gained through working Northland's Outpatient Treatment Program! Not only have they been supportive and helped guide me in the healthiest way possible through my recovery,but all of the staff has helped me find myself and given me all the tools and coping skills I need to live a sober,healthy,and of course Happy life! As long as you are ready and willing to make serious changes to your life in order to maintain sobriety and be the best you possible,then I hope you also reach out to Northland and let them help guide you to where you want to be in life! Thank you NORTHLAND Doctors,Councelors,Medical and Office Staff for believing in me and showing me how to regain my sobriety and actually start living my life! #FOREVERGRATEFUL
Northland is a terrific treatment facility if the patient is serious about getting help. The staff is fantastic as are the facilities. Northland has strict rules and guidelines the patient needs to follow. If the patient does what they ask they will find recovery. If the patient doesn't follow the guidelines then they will wash out of program.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
Good speakers. A little to stricked. Stay focused.
same as above and excellent patient to staff ratio.