Oriana House- CROSSWAEH Community Based Correctional Facility

Oriana House- CROSSWAEH Community Based Correctional Facility


A nonprofit, Ohio-based organization, Oriana House offers a range of treatment services for individuals struggling with chemical dependency who are involved in the criminal justice system. Located in the community of Tiffin, CROSSWAEH Community-Based Correctional Facility is a long-term, gender-specific residential treatment program designed for adult men and women.

An acronym for the nine counties it serves, the CROSSWAEH program is both an alternative to incarceration and a transitional program for individuals serving the end of their sentence.


Treatment begins with an initial assessment — which addresses chemical dependency history, medical needs, education, and employment — to determine a beneficial plan of care. Typically lasting up to 180 days, the residential program progresses through four stages: orientation, community involvement, maintenance, and community placement.

During orientation, residents are confined to the facility for the initial 30 days. This phase focuses on chemical dependency treatment, which includes an intensive, five-week program consisting of counseling sessions, educational groups, and 12-step involvement.

In conjunction with addiction treatment, CROSSWAEH also addresses problem-causing thinking patterns and provides cognitive skills training to modify these destructive patterns. Specialized programs are also available on money management, addressing issues of domestic violence, and vocational training.

During the second and third phases of treatment, residents become more involved within the community. Once mandatory community service obligations are met, residents may gain employment, participate in recreational activities, and earn passes to visit their home. As a client continues to demonstrate responsibility by applying prosocial techniques and maintaining employment, Oriana House forms a release plan to help him or her transition back into the community.


Oriana House employs a team of licensed chemical dependency counselors, resident supervisors, and caseworkers. Volunteer mentors, known as recovery coaches, also help to guide residents through the recovery process.


CROSSWAEH is comprised of a 55-bed facility for men and a 36-bed facility for women. According to the facility’s website, the program is highly structured. As residents progress through the program, they earn more on-site and off-site privileges. While specific information on accommodations and amenities is limited, a loved one who responded to a Best-rehabs.com survey provided four-star ratings for the overall quality of accommodations and meals.


At the time of this writing, there has been one loved one to respond to the poll by Best-rehabs.com. The anonymous friend or family member of a client gave the facility a three- out of five-star rating for treatment effectiveness and a four- out of five-star rating for accommodations & amenities and meals & nutrition. She was neutral when asked if there were many counseling options to choose from depending on the client’s preference; if the admissions and discharge procedures were swift, organized, and clearly explained; and if the facility was adequately equipped and staffed to treat co-occurring mental health problems in addition to substance use disorders.

She was also neutral when asked if the alum would recommend this facility to a friend or loved one who was considering rehab; if the facility staff were experienced and well-trained; and if the facility was clean and well maintained.


Oriana House offers its services on sliding scale basis, determined by the client’s income. Employed residents pay 20 percent of their gross income to the program. They are also responsible to pay any restitution, court fines, and/or child support.

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