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Roadback Inc. Lawton Oklahoma

At Roadback Inc., we offer hope to people and families whose lives have gotten off track because of alcohol or drugs. The primary focus of Roadback Inc. is to provide the highest evidence-based substance abuse treatment services that will result in self-supporting and contributing members of the community. It is the mission of Roadback, Inc. to encourage participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous twelve step fellowships and to help those in recovery apply spiritual principles in their daily lives.


Based out of Lawton, Okla., fewer than 100 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, Roadback Inc. is a non-profit, ODMHSAS- and CARF-certified organization that provides gendered residential substance abuse treatment, along with outpatient (OP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and transitional living services. Ambulatory and non-medical detox services are available.


Roadback begins by screening and assessing clients, walk-in or by appointment, to see whether they fit a residential treatment program or an OP or IOP program. The facility offers DUI assessments and classes in anger management, parenting, and wellness. When clients have completed the residential, OP, or IOP program, they may enter the transitional living program to help them adjust to daily life during recovery.

The average length of stay is unknown, but one client reported staying between 30 to 60 days. An article by the Lawton Constitution states peer recovery support and telemedicine services are available, alongside ambulatory and non-medical detox services.


The Lawton constitution article states Roadback has separate residential facilities for men and women, with 10 beds available at the men’s facility and 20 at the women’s.


According to the Lawton Constitution, the treatment team, consisting of therapists and other staff, have extensive experience in helping clients recover from illnesses. The tree individuals polled by at the time of this writing rated the level of staff’s support and the staff’s level of training and experience four and five out of five stars, respectively.


Though there is limited information provided on Roadback’s website or otherwise regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, the three reviewers polled by to date rated the facility’s accommodations and amenities two and three out of five stars.


Five alumni polled by to date indicated mostly negative reactions to Roadback. One rated the facility four out of five stars for treatment effectivness, the other three stars, and two only one star in every category. A fifth alum provided no ratings yet gave negative feedback.

The two alumni further polled on additional metrics rated Roadback four out of five stars for its level of staff support. One anonymous alum gave it four- and five-star ratings in holistic treatment and counseling options, respectively, and alum N.R. gave it only two stars in similar categories. In comments, twho alumni called the program “good,” but most felt the program was unstructured and poorly organized. Alum S.J. wrote: “Bogus program. The right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. It’s all about how much money they can make from people that are already hurting.”

In contrast, reviewers on third-party sites were more positive in their ratings of the facility to date. One loved one on Google rated it only one out of five stars and another reviewer rated it a perfect five stars.[1] Three Facebook reviewers rated the facility a perfect five stars,[2] but one alum on CiteHealth rated it only one out of five stars.[3]


One anonymous loved one polled by to date rated Roadback positively, rating the facility four out of five stars in holistic treatment options and affordability and five stars in counseling options. They wrote that the center’s staff “is very client reactive,” and that the program should be expanded.

In contrast, loved one James, while providing no ratings for Roadback on, complained of poor communications and treatment from staff. He wrote: “My son is at this facility and they are not helping with his sobriety. They have taken away everyones priveleges because of certain individuals behavior, which is messing with my sons sobriety.” In isolated commentary, Google reviewer Samantha also criticized the facility for staff’s lack of professionalism.


According to CiteHealth, Roadback accepts several payment options, such as Medicaid, state insurance, sliding scale fees, and Access to Recovery vouchers.


Roadback Inc. Reviews

I only had to pay a $3.00 co pay cause it is state funded. This program saved my get out what you put in especially after you leave. thanks Roadback
I worked for Road Back for the women and men detox and rehab mostly nights and overnights. I stayed in the house in the picture you see under construction I was to be the house mother... I helped get the room and bathroom get ready...My stuff was still there when a my supervisor came to tell me I had to get out right then and there...The director didn't even call me.. The supervisor then is no longer there from stealing I was accused of offering pills to a client. That was my job at the center...I too was a client at someplace else.They were upset.. I had great plans for all individual...More than one group, going to celebrate recovery take suggestions.... You see it takes one that's been there in every way possible.Having a family member in prison because of 2 pts of thc in his system used him as an example for drug court. I turned things around for the future drug court clients with the Senator of Oklahoma, I supported others going to meetings, talking one on one. I have college medical and work under my belt ...I also had college psychology one subject from deploma. RoadBack didn't know this education. To understand one you have to be one.
Their woman’s sober living home in Lawton is a joke. The house mother can accuse anyone of anything she wants but when someone complains about her nothing is done.
Awful place I wouldn't recommend it to anyone
I stayed at the womens facility some yrs back,and i also work there,and i can tell,i loved the home cooked meals,and the staff cared about my recovery