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Rob's Ranch Purcell Oklahoma

At Rob’s Ranch, men struggling with addiction are provided residential substance abuse treatment that empowers chemically-dependent men to achieve enduring recovery. Through 12-Step services, one-on-one counseling, group discussion, and educational coursework, residents at Rob’s Ranch address the roots of addiction and develop strategies for lifelong sobriety. Individual counseling is provided to enable residents to explore the origins of their addictions and enhance self-awareness.


From a 72-acre ranch in rural central Oklahoma, 30 miles south of Oklahoma City, Rob’s Ranch offers Christian residential treatment for men struggling with substance abuse.

The center’s website notes that most faith-building exercises are optional, though they appear to be strongly encouraged.


The program lasts 90 days, and is strongly based on the 12-Steps and the principle that recovery is dependent on establishing a personal relationship with God.

In addition to 12-step programming, residents have a weekly individual counseling session, which also appears to focus on the 12-Steps. The program also offers daily morning chapel services and a morning lecture about substance abuse and the 12-Steps six days a week; these sessions sometimes include films and discussion. Two or three nights a week, there’s a post-dinner Bible study session. The final but perhaps largest component of treatment is daily group sessions, in large and small groups mediated and sometimes led by staff. These discussions are designed to give clients a sense of community.

For families, there’s a curriculum and a therapeutic weekend, which should be completed within the first 45 days of treatment. According to the facility’s website, counselors also work hard to involve families in treatment throughout each individual’s stay, though as detailed below, one loved one did not feel that this was the case.


The treatment staff is composed of licensed and certified addiction counselors, and all staff are in long-term recovery — in fact, some of them are graduates of Rob’s Ranch. There’s also a full-time pastor on staff. The single individual polled by to date on the staff’s level of training and experience gave it five out of five stars.


Rob’s Ranch is a sprawling property with a chapel on-site, as well as accommodations and treatment buildings built in 2006. There’s a cozy communal room with a flat-screen TV, a fitness center, a rec room, and semi-private rooms for residents. Smoking is permitted in designated areas, but residents may not have any personal electronic devices. On Sundays, transportation is provided to local church services, for those clients who wish to attend. Families are welcome to visit all day on Saturdays and Sundays, and a family-style lunch is served on both days.

All three individuals polled by to date gave the facility four- and five-star ratings for its accommodations and its meals. The single individual polled on the center’s cleanliness also gave five stars in this category.


Both alumni polled by to date gave very positive feedback. “Best counselors, best amenities, and an unmatched spirituality focus,” wrote Jason, who went through the program and now works at the facility. “The staff understood what I was going through because they themselves had been through Rob’s Ranch as clients,” Jake wrote. Both reviewers gave the facility five stars for its treatment effectiveness.

At the time of this writing, secondary sites yielded mostly positive feedback: on Google, the center had two five-star ratings and a one-star rating, and on Facebook (where the facility can manage its own page), it had a 4.9-star average rating based on 79 reviews.[1] [2] “It sucks,” A.O. wrote on Google, in the single piece of negative commentary. Other reviewers repeatedly described their treatment as life-changing: “Rob’s Ranch saved my life and started changing my life… The counslers are God picked,” D.M. wrote in a representative review on Facebook.


The single review submitted to to date was mostly very positive. “Very relaxed, strong faith based,” the anonymous reviewer wrote, giving the facility five stars for its treatment effectiveness, its counseling options, and its treatment for co-occurring disorders. However, they also gave the center just one star for its family participation, and cited “visiting hours” as a weakness, indicating that involvement of loved ones was lacking. They also noted that an extra 30 days of treatment would be beneficial.


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs, however, the single individual polled by to date on the center’s affordability gave it two out of five stars.


Rob’s Ranch Reviews

Great Place
I came in broken and hopeless. This place was created by God to help men fill the void in their life that they have been trying to fill with drugs/alcohol and realize he is the best filler available. This is an AMAZING place. Staff love their job and you. I will never forget my time that I spent here.
Can't imagine anyplace worse
The counselors are awesome but you only meet with them one on one once a week. There's no riding the horses despite pictures of them all over the website. Themotives for a lot of. People in there are not to get sober, but to look good for up coming legal issues their facing. The staff tries to keep it under control
Great place to get help All the counselors were great