Crossroads Treatment Center

Crossroads Treatment Center


Crossroads Treatment Centers operates 21 opioid addiction treatment facilities around the United States, including in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, and Colorado. Each center offers outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT), making this particular facility one of just 26 (22.8%) in South Carolina to provide this type of care, alongside counseling services.

This facility is located adjacent to a series of big-box stores toward the northwest of the small city of Seneca, in northwestern South Carolina.


In South Carolina, 0.26% of all individuals ages 18 and over have used heroin in the past year. Although other Crossroads facilities are licensed to prescribe Suboxone (only available at only 31 facilities in the state), the website for the Seneca facility indicates that the center provides methadone only, in an MAT program designed to address the biological, psychological, and social effects of substance abuse. The organization’s website indicates that clients begin with a regular dose sufficient to ease the signs of withdrawal, and ultimately taper off the medication, once they’ve established some sober time and a support system.

In addition to medication, each client also has access to unlimited counseling, like 113 other substance abuse facilities in the state, which covers topics such as developing recovery skills and relapse-prevention strategies, a feature of 113 South Carolina treatment centers. The center offers support with some of the difficulties that often accompany addiction as well, such as finances, employment, and repairing relationships.


As an organization, Crossroads Treatment Centers employs a team of doctors, nurses, and therapists. At the time of this writing, there was no information provided by the facility about credentials of staff at this location in particular; however, 98.2% of treatment facilities in South Carolina have continuing education requirements for staff.

The single alum polled by to date gave the center four out of five stars for the level of support provided by its staff.


The single alum polled by to date would recommend this facility. “I’m still in the program,” T.D.H. wrote, giving the facility three stars for the overall quality of its individual counseling, but noting that the center did not meet her needs when it came to psychiatric care. T.D.H. indicated that she chose this particular facility based on her own, individual search, and she liked that it had a “Cheap start up fee.” When asked whether or not the treatment program was worth the cost, she responded positively.

At the time of this writing, alumni feedback on Google was somewhat negative, where four reviewers generated a 2.8-star average. [1] The sole five-star reviewer praised the staff, while the four-star reviewer and one one-star reviewer left no comments. The second one-star reviewer noted, “This clinic doesnt do as many intakes as others and act like ur time or money doesn’t matter.”


A single employee of Crossroads’ Seneca facility posted on Indeed at the time of this writing to give the center a five-star rating. “Productive, fast growing company with excellent working conditions, hours and benefits…. Great management,” this individual wrote anonymously. [2]


According to Crossroads’ website, the organization offers “affordable pricing,” but it does not specify what those prices are, nor whether insurance is accepted. Medicaid is accepted at other locations in the network, but not in South Carolina. The single alum polled by to date indicated that treatment at this facility was worth the cost.



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