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In His Steps


In His Steps (IHS) is one of California’s 785 private, non-profit treatment organizations and offers Christian, abstinence-based, long-term residential recovery programs for adult men and women. Founded in 1995, the center operates two homes, one for men and one for women, in Ramona, Calif., 35 miles northeast of San Diego. Detox services are not available on-site.


The treatment process at In His Steps focuses on a faith-based, long-term recovery process that combines religious study with counseling. Incoming residents must commit to a minimum of six months in the ministry, and many stay for up to one year. There are 485 residential long-term treatment facilities in California.

In His Steps offers gender-specific treatment options through separate treatment facilities. By operating two separate facilities, In His Steps is able to focus on common gender-specific needs of each group in treatment. Nearly half of all treatment facilities in California offer gender-specific treatment options in recognition of the needs of each gender while in treatment.

Treatment at IHS is intended to help clients become active and self-sufficient individuals within the community. During treatment, clients participate in Bible study as well as community events focused on helping others. This form of experiential therapy is used extensively by faith-based treatment programs.

According to an article published in in 2011, treatment uses the 12-step model of recovery and Christian programs based on 12-Step, such as Celebrate Recovery and the Most Excellent Way. The 12-step program is used by up to 48% of U.S. treatment facilities. There are 15 meetings per week, and clients who are not working are expected to attend every meeting.


The center was founded by a pastor and certified substance abuse counselor who is himself in long-term recovery from addiction. Other staff members include more pastors and graduates of the IHS program. The single alum polled by to date on the staff’s level of training and experience gave it five out of five stars.


The organization offers 50 beds across its homes. IHS’s website notes that residents’ movements are restricted for the first 30 days of treatment. Over the next 60 days, they must follow a buddy system. Both alumni polled by to date rated the center’s accommodations, meals, and cleanliness five out of five stars.


At the time of this writing, two alumni polled by gave very positive feedback for IHS, both rating the facility four out of five stars or higher in most metricsm including exercise and leisure provisions and the connectivity/visitor policy. However, one alum rated the facility only two stars in holistic treatment offerings, while the other did not rate this metric.

The sole reviewer polled on the level of staff support received and the overall quality of the facility’s group counseling gave IHS five out of five stars in each category, writing: “30 days down and then you get a job.” The other reviewer gave the center five out of five stars for its overall treatment effectiveness and four out of five stars for its family program, treatment for co-occurring disorders, and counseling options.

At the time of this writing, the center had a single five-star rating on Facebook, with no commentary.[1]


Treatment at In His Steps costs $700 per month, though IHS offers a reduced rate of $500 for clients who are eligible for food stamps. Those who can pay for their stay are expected to do so, while those who are unable to pay must seek employment after the first 30 days of treatment and begin making financial contributions out of their pay.

Only clients on disability or with other means of support may opt out of working. IHS is one of the 48.5% of California facilities that can offer treatment at no cost to qualified participants. The single alum polled by to date on the center’s affordability gave it five out of five stars.


In His Steps continues its community outreach and alumni support through various community events. It focuses on community sales in order to gather funding for its operations and to help others. The organization also hosts retreats and other activities designed to inspire community development.


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  • A good facility, but it needs better holistic offerings.
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    30 days down and then you get a job.