Griffin Hospital

Griffin Hospital


In operation since 1909, Griffin Hospital in Derby, Conn. provides medical as well as behavioral health care. The Griffin Hospital Department of Psychiatry provides psychiatric and substance abuse treatment services for those living in the Lower Naugatuck Valley Region. The hospital offers partial hospitalization (PHP) care, crisis intervention, outpatient care, and inpatient services for those struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. A short-term inpatient psychiatric program is available for adults at the main hospital and outpatient services just south of the hospital facility.


The inpatient psychiatric program at Griffin Hospital is short-term, crisis-oriented and focused on reducing symptoms, stress management, and developing coping skills. Treatment includes traditional individual and group therapy, as well as education, medication management, aromatherapy, art, yoga, relaxation and spirituality groups, and journaling. A 24-hour crisis intervention program at Griffin Hospital connects individuals with appropriate local services.

The partial hospitalization program at Griffin Hospitals treats those with chemical dependency or co-occurring mental health disorders who require more than outpatient therapy. Upon intake in the partial hospitalization program, patients are matched with a treatment intensity according to their severity of addiction. The PHP program includes diagnostic assessment, group and family therapy, family involvement, wellness services, and self-awareness education. Medications are also used as needed.

Outpatient psychiatry treatment offers complete clinical assessments and a full range of on-going treatments for individuals, couples and families. The intensive outpatient program offers highly structured, individualized treatment to clients based on assessments. Individual and group methods are utilized along with medications. The program hours are during daytimes on weekdays.


The treatment staff includes psychiatrists, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, and nurses.


The 14-bed adult inpatient psychiatric unit was designed to promote healing and reduce anxiety. It has private and semi-private rooms, a kitchen and dining area, entertainment lounge, and large saltwater aquarium. The unit’s interior design emphasizes comforting clients through familiar furnishing and natural lights when possible.


Reviews from alumni of Griffin are limited at the time of this writing, but one alum surveyed by gave an overwhelmingly positive review. The alum rated each metric, including treatment effectiveness, holistic offerings, and staff experience, four or five out of five stars. The anonymous alum wrote the facility was “Very to the point.”

On secondary sites, Griffin as an entire hospital received mostly mixed to positive reactions. 17 Yelp reviewers at the time of this writing rated the facility an average 2.5 out of five stars; six gave a negative review, two mixed, and nine positive reviews. Of the unrecommended reviews, Griffin had an additional one-, two-, and three five-star ratings.[1] On the hospital’s Facebook page, which may be curated, 409 reviewers to date rated the facility an average 4.1 stars, with 71 negative reviews, 26 mixed, and 312 positive.[2] In general, reviewers were split on the quality of treatment from staff and the hospital’s accommodations, though most reviews addressed the hospital’s E.R.


The single loved one surveyed by at the time of this writing gave only two out of five stars for treatment effectiveness at this facility. While the loved one rated the treatment of co-occurring disorders, counseling options, and family participation four out of five stars, they gave only two out of five stars for the facility’s admin and discharge procedures. Loved one Glorianne complimented the facility’s flexibility but noted a few weaknesses, including a need for better aftercare. She wrote: “Lack of compelling follow up, challenging admission process Offers flexibility in the choice of programs.”


According to the facility’s website, Griffin Hospital provides services for those with state insurance or no insurance. In addition, the facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, and private insurance.


Reviews about Griffin Hospital

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Flexible. Lack of compelling follow up, challenging admission process Offers flexibility in the choice of programs.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
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  • Very to the point, it was my choice to start on my road to recovery, no one else's. Great place. I have no complaints I tried to stop drinking many times on my own and with aa alone. Griffin IOP really helped my concur my fears and get me started on my recovery. I am now over 2 years sober and happier than I can ever remember being.