Mothers Making a Change (MMAC)

Mothers Making a Change (MMAC)


One of more than a dozen programs operated by the Cobb and Douglas Counties Community Service Boards (CSBs), a mental, behavioral, and developmental health agency serving Georgia’s Cobb, Douglas, and Cherokee Counties, Mothers Making a Change (MMAC) provides residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment for pregnant women and women with children under the age of 18.


According to its website, MMAC offers both therapeutic interventions and treatments designed to help women in recovery function independently and contribute to society. Offerings include individual and group therapy*, life skills on parenting and independent living, supportive employment services, G.E.D programming, and case management services. Family preservation services and family education and counseling are also available.

Where necessary, nursing assessments, medication management, and referrals for prenatal care are provided.


Program staff include a licensed professional counselor (LPC), a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC), and registered nurses.


Therapeutic childcare is offered while mothers undergo treatment, the center’s website notes. There is currently no further information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however, the two survey respondents polled by to date gave five- and three-star ratings for the facility’s accommodations and amenities.


Reviews for Mothers Making a Change are mostly positive. Tracy, the single alum polled by to date, provided five stars when asked how strongly she’d recommend the center as well as for the staff’s level of training and experience. “The daily routine is the structure I needed to learn how to live in society again. Group sharing and support greatly helped me,” she wrote.

Alumni across secondary sites also approved. On CiteHealth, for example, one reviewer claimed that they simply would not be alive if they hadn’t attended MMAC while another wrote: “The staff might be ‘unfriendly” but it is their JOB to put up with people with addictive personalities who can be manipulative… I found them all to be very very polite and helpful and truely care about my needs.”[1]

Yet the comment of the third reviewer constituted outright criticism of the facility. “The staff are very inexperienced and the site is next to a trailer park that had a meth lab explode a few weeks back,” they wrote. “The staff is very unfriendly to visitors and is never ready to provide you with information.”


Feedback provided by the single loved one polled by was also mostly positive. The anonymous reviewer awarded MMAC three or four stars in most categories evaluated and five stars for treatment effectiveness. Holistic offerings, staff training and experience, and administrative/discharge policies were given just two stars. “Group sessions were nice,” the anonymous loved one wrote. “The staff could have been better.”


According to its website, the Cobb County and Douglas County Community Service Boards receives public funding to subsidize its services. The CSB also accepts Medicaid/Medicare, private insurance, and self-pay. The organization pledges to help those in need irrespective of their financial circumstances.


Reviews about Mothers Making a Change (MMAC)

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Group sessions were nice. The staff could have been better. My friend was pretty bad they helped her get sober while still having her kid
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • The daily routine is the structure I needed to learn how to live in society again. Group sharing and support greatly helped me. However, they needed more help to be available to men.