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Providence Ministries

The Providence Ministries Christian Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program for men has been redeeming lives and saving souls in the name of Jesus Christ, since 1985. The goal of our recovery program is not just sobriety, but rather the complete transformation of the recovering addict into the man God always intended for him to be.


Wedged between the Johns Mountain Wildlife Management area and the Chattahoochee National Forest in Dalton, Ga., is Providence Ministries, Inc., a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the hungry and homeless. The nonprofit also runs gender-separate addiction recovery programs for both women and men, though the facility for men is located nearly 90 miles north in Pikeville, Tenn.


Addiction recovery treatment at Providence Ministries, Inc. is gender-separate. The 90-day “spiritual regeneration” programs offer men and women an intimate setting (the women’s program has only 10 beds) in which to address their underlying emotional issues and trauma that may be contributing to addiction.

Using both clinical practices and Christian principles, programs incorporate daily Matrix Model classes, Bible study, men’s and women’s issues, 12-step meetings, life skills training, and peer support groups. Residents also take to work therapy – performing maintenance on facility grounds, classrooms, and automobiles – as well as recreational sports and outdoor activities. A transitional living program offers men and women opportunity for practicing what they’ve learnt while seeking employment and reintegrating back into the community. Church attendance is mandatory each Wednesday and Sunday

In addition to its recovery programs for men and women, Providence Ministries, Inc. runs separate shelters for women and their children as well as for men and provides more than 500 free hot meals daily for the hungry.


Across its many programs and services, Providence Ministries, Inc. employs chaplains and reverends, master’s level counselors, dormitory and shelter managers, facility directors, and other administrative professionals.


Located in the suburbs of northern Georgia, the two-floor home for women has a backyard pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, two dining spaces, an outdoor patio with seating, and multiple shared bedrooms. There are also washer and dryer units and a game room.

Set on 100 acres in eastern Tennessee, the men’s campus includes housing, classrooms, and an exercise center.

Electronic devices – including cell phones, iPods, laptops, radios, cameras, and more – are not permitted.

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The nonprofit does have an excellent average rating of 4.6 stars out of five from 13 Google reviewers, where program alumni and loved ones alike shared success stories. “They have helped My Husband so much,” wrote Teresa. “He’s been there for 4 months and I honestly believe if he had not came here, he would be dead. I am so thankful to GOD for this program.”


As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Providence Ministries, Inc. accepts monetary donations, automobiles, and gently used items. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Following their interview, admissions application, and blood test, applicants seeking admission into the 90-day recovery program become responsible for a $4,900 sponsorship fee.


Reviews about Providence Ministries, Inc.

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  • I am so grateful for Providence Ministries, and the Impact they have made in my life.
    This place hates individuality and is focused more on gossiping and judging the girls then actually trying to help them. This place is like one giant sorority house where the people in charge go out of their way to talk down on the girls in the program. Horrible experience! Nothing learned and nothing taught.
    They don’t have professional people for example the guy in charge in the kitchen he’s so rude.For example have visit one day and he give to my granddaughter on bag with everything expired.This place is only for business you think with one hour in the morning to receive word god and then working 8 hours and one more in the night.Think about this.Is recovery or business