Care Clinics, Inc. – Aurora

Care Clinics, Inc. – Aurora


Founded in 1981 and located in the western Chicago suburb of Aurora, Care Clinics specializes in education for alcohol and drug abuse resulting in diving violations. It is one of the 599 (89 percent) of Illinois treatment centers that offers outpatient services. It also provides intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment. In addition to DUI-related services, counseling and anger management classes are available and service is provided in Spanish and English. Additional Care Clinic outlets in the area include a Naperville facility.


According to Care Clinics’ website, most clients utilize this Aurora facility to meet requirements of the court system or employers. The treatment center offers a range of services including anger management evaluations and counseling, alcohol and drug evaluations, DUI evaluations, and DUI Risk education classes. Second opinions including ones for out-of-state clients are also available.

The Care Clinics website has published details regarding requirements for various evaluations and for drivers license reinstatement. Group counseling sessions are held during the evening, while alcohol and drug risk reduction education groups offer morning and evening schedules. Individual counseling may be scheduled as well.


The Care Clinics website indicates all treatment staff members maintain certification in both drug and alcohol counseling and anger management. The treatment team includes counselors and social workers.


The Care Clinics website notes clients can access the clinic, located just west of McCullough Park and the Fox River, via public transportation. Same day appointments are often available.


The one alum polled by at the time of this writing provided positive feedback, and gave four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness and indicated treatment was worth the cost.

The 12 people to leave Yelp reviews for Care Clinics to date provided mixed feedback. Seven individuals gave five out of five stars, and they mostly reported success in the legal system following their treatment and education. [1] [2]

Nearly all the alumni shared favorable opinions of their treatment experience, but many also complained of outdated furnishings and curriculum. Some mentioned the use of obsolete video tapes. “Councilors and Receptionist are great. They are very nice, well spoken, and deliver a good message,” Tim wrote in a representative review. “The movies and class room is really out of date.”

The five individuals to leave reviews on gave an average of four out of five stars. Some reiterated praise offered on Yelp regarding the convenience of meeting schedules.[3]

To date, the 18 people to leave Google Reviews gave an average of 4.3 out of five stars, and almost all reviewers provided positive feedback. Alumni reported successful treatment and professional staffers. “I love the staff and the presentations were excellent,” Anthony wrote in a representative review. “They had nice comfy chairs and got my documents done on the same day I finished. I would highly recommend them to my friends.” [4]


The one loved ones polled by gave the facility positive ratings, including including four stars out of five for holistic offerings, counseling options, and the staff’s level of experience. They gave five stars for treatment effectiveness and when asked if they would recommend the center.

The lowest rating awarded was for the affordability of treatment, connectivitiy, and treatment of co-occurring disorders at three stars.


This facility publishes many of its fees online, but does not indicate whether any insurance is accepted. DUI and drug and alcohol evaluations cost $100 and $125, respectively. The same fee is charged for a 10-hour risk reduction class offered over four weeks. An accelerated class is available over four days for $385. Individual counseling is assessed on a sliding fee scale from $35 to $75 per hour, and most group sessions are $25 an hour. Drug testing fees are in a similar range.

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