WestBridge – The Commons

WestBridge – The Commons


Established in 2001, WestBridge is a CARF-accredited treatment facility that specializes in treating individuals with a dual diagnosis. Located in downtown Manchester, N.H., the Commons program offers long-term residential care and outpatient programming for men struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Detox services are not available on-site.


The Commons guides men through an evidence-based curriculum in a supportive, communal environment, promoting a comprehensive recovery process through three to six months of programming.

Clients participate in evidence-based practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI), across both group counseling and one-on-one therapy sessions. Over the course of their stay, clients become familiar with the surrounding community as they take to educational and vocational pursuits. .

The Commons is also part of the 47.7% of U.S. treatment facilities to incorporate 12-Step programming. Clients participate in weekly 12-Step meetings to establish a long-term method of continuing care that focuses on community involvement and peer support.

When necessary, medication management services are also available to address mental health concerns. The facility also encourages family members and other significant loved ones to attend weekly Family Education Support (FES) sessions, via conference call or in-person.

Prior to graduating, men work closely with their assigned counselors to develop a Transition Plan, effectively reintroducing clients into their respective communities, be it in Manchester or their hometown. In addition, the Commons offers vocational training which is limited to only 39% of all U.S. rehab facilities

Outpatient services are available through the facility’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program. The outpatient services mainly focus on co-occurring disorders. In these services, clients work with case managers, nurses, and other specialists to coordinate appropriate services.


The Commons’ boasts a diverse team of clinicians, psychiatric physicians, registered nurses, licensed alcohol drug abuse counselors, medical technicians, residential counselors, and a chef. The facility is staffed 24/7. It is also part of the 28% of facilities in the country that are accredited by CARF.


Treatment is run out of a restored Victorian home close to downtown Manchester, offering fully-furnished single and shared rooms. The 12-bed facility instills values of accountability and mutual support through assigned chores, meal selection, and a general sense of shared living. Based on its size, The Commons is in the largest group of U.S. facilities at 36.8% with fewer than 15 beds.

Beyond their time spent in treatment, clients are provided with ample time for recreation and sober activities. In addition to keeping regular exercise routines, sleep patterns, and a healthy diet, clients are provided with tobacco cessation programs, yoga, mindfulness activities, and biosound therapy.


Although Best-rehabs.com has not received feedback from alumni as of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has received two reviews from loved ones of former clients. The feedback was very positive. Both shared anonymously, one reviews celebrated the facility’s “genuine” counselors, while the other wrote: “They taught my relative how to recognize trigger points and equipped him with alternative ways to cope.”

Both loved ones gave five out of five stars for the facility’s cleanliness, the level of staff experience, family participation, and exercise and leisure opportunities, and both loved ones gave four out of five stars for its holistic offerings.

On Google, the facility has a single five out of five star review to date, without any written commentary.[1]


The Commons accepts private health insurance and self-pay options). The two individuals polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave the facility a four- and a five-out-of-five star rating for its affordability.

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WestBridge – The Commons Reviews

caring counselors, you can tell that they genuinely care and don't just go through the motions like they do at other facilities can't think of any There is a book available titled "When the door opened". Several former patients were interviewed and shared their experiences in that book.
excellent counselors that truly care none they address mental problems and addiction problems, the counselors are excellent, very patient. They taught my relative how to recognize trigger points and equipped him with alternative ways to cope.