Naaman’s Recovery Village

Naaman’s Recovery Village


Located in High Point, N.C., about halfway between Winston-Salem and Greensboro, Naaman’s Recovery Village (NRV) is a faith-based ministry for men seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. The multi-phase, Christ-centric program lasts 18 months and aims to help men rebuild their lives through a rigorous curriculum of Bible studies, 12-step meetings and mentorship, and community service. It is one of 78 long- term residential facilities in NC.


Programming at NRV revolves mostly around building a personal relationship with Christ. Quoting regularly from the New Testament, the organization’s webpage maintains that “the ultimate solution to drug and alcohol abuse can be found through Faith in Christ Jesus.”

Accordingly, men spend the first 12 of their 18 months at the intensive recovery program immersed deeply in Bible text, daily devotions held both morning and evening, and Church services. Clients also build a relationship and work closely with a personal mentor who will help them better navigate 12-Step and the challenges of newfound sobriety.

While not in Bible study, services, and meetings, men take part in community service projects. Families are also encouraged to attend on designated visiting days. Following their year in rehabilitative programming, men typically continue with six months of “re-entry,” which the organization provides no further details on.


NRV is currently run by a pastor with experience in education, law enforcement, and other organizations dedicated to helping those seeking recovery.


There is currently no information provided by the organization regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. The sole individual polled by to date gave NRV five out of five stars for its accommodations and four stars for its meals and nutrition.


M.S., the single alum polled by as of this writing, reported having a highly constructive recovery experience at NRV. He benefited from lots of one-on-one time, groups of small sizes, and spoke highly of the organizational requirement for sponsorship. The alum gave perfect five-star ratings for the staff’s level of experience and training and the amount of family participation, as well as four stars for counseling options.

“They see that you get a sponsor and work closely with him,” he wrote. “And its long term. 18 months. Just enough time to start getting myself back together away from other’s.” The only complaint from M.S.: “Little recreation outside the community!”

On it’s Facebook page, which the facility may have the ability to control, the organization received an excellent average rating of 4.5 out of five stars from 23 individuals.**[1] Sharon, a loved one, wrote: “What a wonderful Christ-centered 12 step program for drug and alcohol rehabilitation for men.”

One alum, Dan, however provided a one-star rating and wrote ‘They use grants and use you for labor but there’s no program and they feed you food churches donate. Its a money racket.”


NRV receives support from fundraising efforts, local churches, as well as donations and monthly monetary sponsorships. The organization also runs a thrift store in High Point, the proceeds of which help with general household supplies and maintenance costs.


Naaman’s Recovery Village Reviews

  • Treatment Effectiveness
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  • Strengths:Alot of one on one time, and only a small group of men at a time. Weakness:Little Recreation outside the community! You live work and learn about recovery there on site. And fellow ship thru 12 step meetings and attending church. They see that you get a sponsor and work closely with him. And its long term. 18 months. Just enough time to start getting myself back together away from other's.