​​Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery​ (CAAIR)

​​Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery​ (CAAIR)


Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery (CAAIR) in Jay, Okla. is one of the state’s 49 private, for-profit rehab facilities, offering a long-term residential treatment program for men struggling with chemical dependency. CAAIR is among 52% of the facilities in Oklahoma to offer a program specifically for men. Detox is not offered on-site. CAAIR is recommended by the state for drug offenders as an alternative to prison sentences.


Admission is granted to men with no history of violence or a mental health disorder that requires medication. The minimum length of stay is one year, and clients attend weekly individual and small group therapy throughout the duration of treatment.

Programs are faith-based and rooted in the 12-Step model of recovery. Clients attend daily meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). On Saturdays, the facility brings in a speaker for these groups. Clients must also attend non-denominational services for the first 16 weeks of recovery, after which they may choose to attend or not.

Each client is required to work full-time. CAAIR coordinates job placements for clients at local companies, making it easy for clients to maintain full-time positions in sober environments. Similar employment-focused treatment methods and job training programs are offered at 54.3% of U.S. facilities. During the last 60 days of treatment, an aftercare plan is developed, and clients attend a relapse prevention course.


CAAIR employs staff who have gone through recovery themselves, some of whom graduated from this program. The staff includes administrative specialists such as dorm managers, Christian clergy, a 12-Step counselor, licensed social workers, and licensed counselors.


Although specific information on accommodations in limited, clients are expected to surrender any cash, credit cards, cell phones, and other electronic devices when entering the program. Clients’ housing, food, and personal items will be provided by the program.


Although Best-rehabs.com has yet to receive feedback for program alumni, secondary sources revealed polarized opinions. On its Facebook page, which the facility can manage, out of the 111 reviews to date, there are 43 five out of five-star reviews and 63 one-star reviews. Many of the negative reviews criticized the facility’s use of “forced slavery using religion as a cover.” The more recent a review was, the more likely it was to be negative. In mostly older positive reviews, alumni appreciated the religious focus and the effectiveness of treatment.

Additionally, on Google, 40 ratings offered an average of three out of five stars to date, and reviewers left similar comments. While some alumni and loved ones appreciated the treatment effectiveness and the long-treatment program, others cited a lack of medication and maintaining “dangerous jobs” as weaknesses of the facility.


The only review submitted to Best-rehabs.com about CAAIR to date was from a staff member. J.E.B. gave five out of five star ratings for the experience of the staff, protocols for training, and overall job satisfaction. They wrote: “The program is tough, fair and covers every aspect of healthy recovery as well as job placement upon completion.”


There is no cost for treatment as admitted clients work full-time jobs, and the earnings support the program. Clients’ work will cover the cost of housing, food, personal items, and services.


Several articles released over the last several years highlight potential problems at the facility. One article shows that the facility may have kept workers’ comp and other funds intended for clients. A lawsuit was filed against the facility, and the outcome is unclear. The article also highlighted the practice of having clients work in chicken plants without pay, which was criticized by oversight authorities and the public.

​​Christian Alcoholics & Addicts In Recovery​ (CAAIR) Reviews

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The program is tough, fair and covers every aspect of healthy recovery as well as job placement upon completion. If you cannot work, you cannot be here.