Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc.

Specialized Outpatient Services, Inc.


Specialized Outpatient Services (SOS), Inc. is a rehabilitation center located in Oklahoma City, Okla. The program focuses on providing outpatient rehabilitation, testing, and support services. Clients can enroll in a DUI rehabilitation program with associated legal services, as well as intensive outpatient (IOP) and other outpatient services. The facility also offers family support services including parenting education courses and family counseling.


SOS provides outpatient services that cover a wide range of client needs. Substance abuse and rehabilitation services are available. Clients can enroll in the program at will, but fare better with recommendations from their current or previous programs. Assessments can be made by other organizations, and clients can be referred to the program with the appropriate assessment paperwork.

Clients can enroll in the substance abuse rehabilitation program that begins with the early intervention phase of treatment designed to quickly interfere with negative habits. Clients meet once per week for 12 weeks, as well as participate in random drug screenings. It is important to note that this program is intended for clients that are beginning to show signs of substance abuse. It is not intended for those with a substance dependency.

For those with a chemical misuse disorder, clients can enroll in the extended outpatient program. It consists of four phases that gradually move clients through the process of understanding and addressing their dependence issues, including co-occurring mental health disorders and relapse prevention. The program uses 12-step principles and random drug screenings, and clients also participate in individual counseling.

Aside from substance abuse services, SOS provides drug testing services. These services can be used to support sober living and legal initiatives. This includes in-home, hair follicle, and random UA testing. A variety of other tests including urinalysis, saliva, immediate result, and adulteration and confirmation testing are available through the program.

Additionally, SOS offers family services to help support clients’ loved ones during treatments. These services including educational courses and family counseling to help families address issues. Families can also receive phone consultations to help with referrals and other administrative processes. Spiritual and alumni services may also be available.

SOS also provides DUI educational programs for offenders with DUI charges. There are 10- and 24-hour classes available for those that are mandated to take the education courses by the legal system.


There is little information regarding staff credentials on the website, but the program does involve administrative personnel, legal personnel, medical, and behavioral health personnel.


One review has been submitted to Best-rehabs.com from an alum about Specialized Outpatient Services to date: a rating for four out of five stars for treatment effectiveness.

The facility has very positive reviews on third party websites. On YellowPages.com, four reviewers left an average rating of two out of five stars. One alum noted the friendliness of the staff, giving five stars and writing “THe staff at SOS were very courteous and understanding as they helped me and my family. I would recommend SOS to others.” The other three ratings offered overall one-star ratings. Two alumni expressed issues with billing and felt the facility was a “money making scam.” Kyle added, “I will say tho that a couple of the counselors are in fact nice and caring but it’s the rude ones especially in the front office that make this place the dive that it is!”

On Google, the facility earned 3.4 out of five stars from five reviewers at the time of this writing. Several reviewers praised the staff. Alum Klippel wrote: “the staff really cares… i recommend this place if u need peace love compassion reason or just something to do.give it a chance it could change your life or save it.”


Insurance is not mentioned on the organization’s website. Self-pay options are available, as well as a sliding fee scale. Clients may apply for reduced payment options during the application process.

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