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Oaks Recovery Center Greenwood South Carolina

Oaks Recovery Center strictly adheres to the Twelve Step program without any modifications or adaptations. The program has been developed based on extensive experience and has been proven effective over many years. While each individual’s journey through the steps may differ, we believe that completing the full journey is a highly effective path to recovery. Our dedicated staff utilizes their personal experience with addiction and recovery to support our residents, but only within the framework of the twelve steps.


Located in the tranquil town of Greenwood, S.C., Oaks Recovery Center offers two inpatient programs for men and women struggling with alcohol and drug dependency. The Short-Term Intensive Program requires a minimum commitment of 28 days, while the facility’s Long-Term Extensive Program requires a minimum stay of four months.

Both programs have gender-specific programming, making Oaks Recovery Center one of the 58 centers in the state that provide tailored groups for men and one of the 52 centers that provide tailored groups for women. Clients are encouraged to stay for as long as necessary to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety. On-site detox services are not available.


Oaks Recovery Center follows the 12-step model of recovery, emphasizing step work, daily peer groups, and studying the written materials of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) / Narcotics Anonymous (NA). The program also includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and holistic offerings such as yoga and meditation.

The two inpatient programs differ not only in length but also in their focus. The short-term program is more intense, emphasizing long-term stabilization and recovery, and conducts small 12-step groups. Treatment includes 12-step workshops, study sessions, and open discussions of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as an evening reflection period.

The Long-Term Extensive Program also offers vocational rehabilitation, requiring participants to obtain a job during their stay at Salvation Oaks. Treatment includes the same components as the short-term program, along with a morning meditative session where clients study spiritual materials. The facility assists with creating resumes, completing job applications, and arranging transportation for interviews. Upon completion of either program, Salvation Oaks provides referrals to community outpatient services and sober living facilities.


Oaks Recovery Center has a small team consisting of recovery specialists and a program director with a master’s level education. Many staff members have personal experience with addiction and recovery. In the state of South Carolina, 98.2% of all substance abuse treatment centers require their staff to maintain continuing education. There are no medical staff on site.


The gender-separate facilities for men and women are located in a wooded area. Clients share dorm rooms and have access to communal spaces. Recreation options include an onsite gym and a Crossfit program. Additionally, laundry services and a small store are available.


Out of the 28 former clients surveyed by Best-rehabs.com, 21 provided positive reviews of Oaks Recovery Center, two gave mixed reviews, and 10 provided negative reviews. These varied reactions demonstrate different perspectives on the quality of treatment provided. Positive reviewers praised the positive atmosphere and the 12-step based treatment. One alum shared: “The staff lifted me up and actually gave me a solution. They taught me the tools to live sober. Going through the 12 steps was such a profound experience that now I carry this message of hope wherever I go.”

Many alumni credited the facility with saving their lives, while others commended the dedicated and supportive staff. However, mixed and negative reviewers criticized the facility for overcrowded accommodations, excessive reliance on Christian messaging, and inadequate assistance with job searches. Despite these mixed reviews, on Google, Oaks Recovery Center has maintained an almost perfect average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews. Former clients repeatedly shared stories of previously trying other treatment centers without success but finding lasting recovery at Oaks due to the dedicated staff and effective program.


Family members and friends who shared their experiences with Best-rehabs.com overwhelmingly reported positive experiences at Oaks Recovery Center. Nine out of ten respondents credited the facility with saving their loved ones’ lives. Many parents mentioned that their children had not found success at other recovery facilities, but that Oaks provided the necessary support system for long-term recovery. One parent shared: “They showed him the tools within himself, to find himself and live a life of Sobriety.” Another parent simply stated, “Love love love the staff… amazing facility!”


The cost of a one-month residency at Oaks Recovery Center starts at $1,200, but prices may vary depending on individual client needs. The facility does not accept insurance, but partial financial aid is available to those who qualify. Prospective clients can speak with admissions specialists to determine the program that best fits their needs.

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Oaks Recovery Center Reviews

This place is very run down has old blankets over the windows the rooms are crammed three bunk beds in one tiny room. The lunch room looks like a cracker box and the pictures are deceiving on the website. Poorly maintained very disappointed on the appearance of the facility. The but seems like they just want your money. My son was very unhappy with the surroundings. Stay four days trying to get some of the money back but they will not reply to my formal letter. If I don't here back soon will be contacting better business bureau.
Best place to get one off all the drugs including stuff legally prescribed to people that suffer from substance abuse disorder. Lays out the 12 step program and drills it into ones head effectively. Thankful for a staff that has suffered from substance abuse and actually understands what a person is really going thru unlike most places. They don’t allow masking of the disease and will allow medicines that do not alter the mind and body or have addictive chemicals in them. They are far enough away from civilization that generally no one is just going to walk off the property and will take someone bound and determined to not recover to a place of their choice locally while notifying loved ones of a persons decision to leave. Thankful for the sobriety I have today because of this facility. Staff is friendly and will give one the talk they need to pull their heads out of their butts as long as they’re willing to except the fact that they are sick.
This place is a complete joke. This place is absolutely sick. They also refuse to take money from individuals willing to pay (THOUSANDS of dollars) when it's a matter of life or death to get an opiate addict off the streets. Moreover, all this staff does is gossip. They're all in their mid-20's/early 30's and act like teenage girls. I have nothing but negative things to say about this place, and every single director on staff should lose his job. Do NOT send your loved ones to this rehab.
I was one of first two residents It was a great place when they took care of stuff we ate good u never went hungry there was always something to snack on at anytime u never had to wait . They showed us how to love our self and others I have the last few years been able to not only loved my self but someone else to . I want to thank select staff . For showing me the love and teaching me to depend on God . They are the really winners . I Will always be greatful for what you'll have gave me . Now on way to Charleston to start a new the start a better life I will always be here if you need me love u brother thank u .
The Oaks is special. I admit that although I went to the oaks a broken man who was not estatic about being a city kid from NY in the middle of Greenberg SC I left with Hope, Purpose, Sobriety and people I will forever call family. It is by no means passages malibu but what the Oaks is : is a solution to the darkest and lowest point addicts reach. Rather than massages on fridays and a doctor telling you how bad your childhood was which is why you use. The oaks is filled with peers who have been in your shoes who have some sobriety under their belt and are willing to share how it is obtained. It is an opportunity to change your life for the better. A lot like life at the OAKS you get what you put into it. I never went hungry, I had a bed to sleep in an air-conditioned room in the hot southern heat and I always had someone there for me if i needed something. Here you learn the true meaning of accountability. The oaks is truly special and i recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solution in their life. The fellowship and peer-based program is one of a kind and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life. Thank you to the Oaks and once again if your considering changing your life for the better this is the place to do it.