English Mountain Recovery

English Mountain Recovery


Sprawled throughout 27 acres in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains region, English Mountain Recovery provides residential treatment for adult men and women dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring conditions. Detoxification is offered on-site.


Individualized treatment programs last 90 days in total, though shorter stays of 30, 45, and 60 days can be arranged. Treatment plans are gender-specific and rooted in the 12-steps. Clients will participate in individual and group therapy. While men will attend groups focused on anger management and managing emotions while group counseling sessions for women focus on domestic violence and self-esteem. Men and women will both explore professional pressures, spirituality, and family and parenting.

English Mountain Recovery employs holistic treatments like art therapy, which includes painting, rock sculpturing, and drawing, music therapy, and equine therapy. Other experiential therapies include adventure therapy, recreation therapy, and psychodrama.

Clients will also have relapse prevention training and aftercare planning to help them as they transition into sober living. English Mountain Recovery will refer graduates to extended care and sober living facilities as needed.


English Mountain Recovery employs a medical director, clinical director, family program coordinator, a trauma therapist, two equine specialists, licensed counselors, licensed addiction specialists, registered and licensed nurses, and a music/spirituality counselor.


Surrounded by lakes in a secluded location, English Mountain Recovery is perfect for recreational outdoor activities like whitewater rafting, hiking, swimming, and low ropes courses. Clients live in seperate units with porches.


Five alumni praised treatment at English Mountain Recovery with perfect five-star marks for staff experience and training and overall treatment effectiveness. Alumni indicated that they’d recommend treatment at the facility. The center’s accommodations, exercise and leisure options, family participation options, and visitor’s policy earned 4.8 out of five stars.

“I had been to previous treatment facilities prior and found the most help from this rehab,” wrote Kerri. Another alum, Dan, added: “I honestly believe English Mountain stives to be what it is a safe place to heal and learn how to live a drug free life.”

One alum criticized the low cost of the facility while others felt that the facility could do better treating co-occurring conditions and aftercare planing. W.R. criticized: “Not enough awareness of co-occurring emotional and mental conditions.”

On Google, the facility earned four out of five stars from eight reviewers. [1]


Five loved ones polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave English Mountain Recovery high marks. Parent P.M. commented: “I feel that the program at EM was the one that helped her in her recovery. She relapsed, almost died, but clung to the spiritual teachings of EM. we are now 16 months clean!” Another anonymous loved one added: “I think they honestly care about the individual client and their future for sober living.”


The sole staff member polled by Best-rehabs.com to date gave English Mountain Recovery praise for co-occurring conditions treatment but gave two out of a possible five stars of the clinical and medical staff. The anonymous employee wrote: “Lack of appropriate medical support.”


English Mountain Recovery accepts insurance plans but does not specify which ones.


English Mountain Recovery Reviews

I worked very hard to find the appropriate place for my loved one. I am out of state and referenced top 10 residential rehabs in tn. They are on the list. The marketing is false. They do nothing they say on website. If you’re looking for help. There is none. Don’t go here. Just a big disappointment. I never received any help or feedback. No direction or communication when you need it most.
Commitment of staff and counselors to instilling the tools needed for continued sobriety. The beauty of the natural settings. The fellowship of the fellow clients. Not enough awareness of co-occuring emotional and mental conditions. Meals provided could be higher quality. More structured holistic options...tai chi and acupuncture were offered but kind of haphazardly presented. Male and female clientsv do not interact. The facility and staff are LGBT accepting and supportive. Everything the staff does is to help the client remain focused on their sobriety and healing.
I am extremely grateful for English Mountain Recovery! I had been to previous treatment facilities prior and found the most help from this rehab. It forever changed my life and I honestly can't speak higher about this faculty.
Individual support systems and follow up treatment. Although they are separated, the male and female facilities are too closely related. Many problems occurred by clients breaking the rules. I think they honestly care about the individual client and their future for sober living.
if I could give them 0 stars I would. I have never felt so unloved and disrespected in my entire life. They treat their patients like inmates. This place is fraud. They lie on their website. They tell you that there are gym times, tai chi, yoga, meditation, accupunture... NONE OF THIS HAPPENS. You wake up, go to class after class after class, and then after 12 hours of infuriatingly useless classes you back back to bed. The environment is negative, depressing, and unlivable.