Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien

Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien


Located on the border of Iowa in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien is one of several healthcare facilities operated by Mayo Clinic Health System. Our clinics are located throughout Iowa, Georgia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our facility specializes in providing outpatient-based behavioral health services for adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Please note that we do not provide detox services.


At Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien, we offer a variety of counseling services to help clients understand and address the underlying factors contributing to their addictive behavior. Our treatment methods include individual counseling as well as family and marriage counseling as needed.

We also provide specialized counseling sessions for adolescents, focusing on the unique pressures that teens face and equipping them with the necessary tools to cope and overcome them. It’s important to note that only 21.4% of treatment facilities in Wisconsin offer specialized treatment plans for adolescents.

Education is a crucial aspect of our treatment process. We emphasize the development of coping skills that empower clients to overcome their conditions in the long term. These skills are typically taught through counseling sessions.

In addition to substance abuse, our facility also addresses a wide range of other mental and behavioral health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, emotional difficulties, and eating disorders. Our treatment may involve medication management to address mental health-related symptoms. Furthermore, we offer a specialized program for adults that focuses on addressing job-related pressures.


The treatment team at Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien consists of a master’s-level social worker and a certified substance abuse counselor. Additionally, our medical clinic is staffed by medical doctors and nurse practitioners.


At the time of this writing, two alumni of Mayo Clinic Health System – Prairie du Chien provided feedback to about their experience. One alum gave five out of five stars for the facility’s holistic offerings, counseling options, and the experience and training of the staff. However, they did note that the staff should be more involved after medication is administered. The other anonymous alum simply described the program as decent.


Mayo Clinic Health System works with most commercial insurance plans, including PPO and HMO insurance plans. We understand that financial hardships can occur, so we offer payment plans and reduced rates for those who demonstrate the need based on their income.

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It was decent.
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