Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program

Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program


Located in a residential neighborhood in east Fort Wayne, Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program (AADP) is a not-for-profit organization that offers interventions, referrals, case management, and outpatient, medication-based treatment for individuals struggling with addiction.

Most clients have been arrested twice or more for operating while intoxicated (OWI) — Indiana’s DUI/DWI equivalent. Individuals can request to be supervised by AADP rather than serve a jail sentence. According to the facility’s website, “Our goal first and foremost is to help keep the community safe from repeat drinking and driving offenders.”

All clients must voluntarily submit to treatment, though many of them are court-ordered and attend the facility only as an alternative to jail time.


Among the primary services offered at AADP is medication-assisted programming, including Suboxone and Antabuse (disulfram) programs. Suboxone blocks the effect of opioids, while Antabuse causes negative reactions to alcohol. Treatment begins with a physical exam and liver function test; all those deemed medically appropriate are then put on a medication-assisted course. The Antabuse course lasts for approximately two and a half years, on average, during which clients are monitored at regular intervals for alcohol or drug intake.

For those clients who require a more intensive level of care, referrals are provided, for instance to local sober living facilities. In addition to medication-assisted treatment, monitoring, and case management services, the center offers on-site individual and group counseling and educational sessions.

The center also offers drug-testing services for anyone, regardless of whether they’re engaged in programming at the AADP.


The organization’s services are overseen by a team of psychiatrists, doctors, advanced practice nurses, licensed addiction counselors. The single alum polled by to date gave the facility five out of five stars for its staff’s level of training and experience.


The single alum polled by to date would recommend Alcohol Abuse Deterrent Program. “Is good program that keeps tabs on you and your progress,” the anonymous reviewer wrote, giving the facility five stars for its treatment effectiveness, four stars for its ability to treat co-occurring disorders, and three stars for its counseling options.

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Though it’s a nonprofit, AADP does not receive any money from taxes, grants, or charities. There is currently no further information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs, however, the single alum polled by to date gave the facility one out of five stars for its affordability, and described the cost of treatment as the center’s only weakness.

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