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The Next Step Foundation Terre Haute Indiana

Next Step is a community funded faith-based program located on the western coast of Indiana. Next Step’s “Step-In” treatment program consists of a 90-day residential program comprised of daily 12-Step meetings and weekly classes. Upon successful completion of “Step In,” participants are encouraged to attend “Step-Up,” in which they receive individual outpatient assistance to ensure long term recovery.


The Next Step Foundation, located in Terre Haute, Ind., offers residential, educational, and sober living programs through faith-based treatment for men and women seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to operating several gender-specific treatment facilities, the organization runs The Meeting Grounds, a coffee house and resource center, and Little Steps, a daycare center that provides childcare and tutoring.

Detox is not available on site.


Treatment at Next Step begins with an assessment by the treatment staff. Clients must be sober for at least 72 hours prior to admission. Clients meet with the program director for the interview. Once both parties agree that the program is a good fit, clients are admitted to the program.

Treatment is faith-based and relies on spiritual therapies to help clients make improvements in their lives. It consists of work-based therapies and community support. Clients live in gender-specific facilities and are responsible for coordinating upkeep services such as cooking or cleaning.

In addition, clients maintain jobs or volunteer hours throughout treatment. Treatment also includes educational coursework designed to help clients develop sober living skills. 12-step meetings, counseling, weekly classes, and employment support are all included in treatment.

Graduates of this initial treatment phase may then apply to the “Step-Up” program, which offers ongoing support from a certified recovery specialist. Clients continue their treatment in a less structured environment as they prepare to transition out of treatment.

The program’s final phase, “Step-Out,” provides access to sober living resources as well as meetings and classes. At this level, individuals continue with meetings, classes, and counseling, and may be reunited with their children. Clients begin to transition back into their communities with support of their support networks and treatment services.


The treatment staff at Next Step consists of licensed and highly educated social workers, program and case managers, LPN’s, and administrative staff members with extensive experience in rehab facilities. Several of the staff members are graduates of the program or are in recovery.


Next Step maintains separate gender-specific facilities which are close to the main treatment facility., according to the center’s website. The main facility is The Jabez House, which treats up to 10 women at a time. Then women can transition into the Journey House, which features apartment-style living. The Cornerstone House, Next Step’s facility for men, has 10 beds. The facility also maintains the Moses House and the Esther House which are transitional living facilities. All of the facilities are located in semi-rural areas, but are all in walking distance of each other.


To date, one alum provided feedback about Next Step to It was negative.

Alum Taylor complained about the sober living, though complimented one of the staff members for being a “good teacher.” The alum added: “I cant stress enough how awful this program was for me.”

On Google, the facility earned an average rating of 4.1 out of five stars from seven reviews to date. [1] The alumni were divided on the quality of the staff. “Very good people,” alum Jesse wrote. However, alum Kody wrote: “Could use a better more heartwarming staff. Aren’t very personable. Good program though. The maintenance guy is awesome though!”

On its official Facebook page, which The Next Step Foundation can manage, Next Step received 4.6 out of five stars from 23 reviews at the time of this writing. [2] Twenty of the reviews were maximum five stars . Alumni praised the program and the staff. In a representative review, alum Robin wrote: “Its a great place to go to be around people who know where you have been an care about where you are going.”


At the time of this writing, two loved ones submitted feedback about Next Step to One review was positive, one negative.

Loved one Joshua gave the center five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, accommodations and amenities, and meals and nutrition. He mentioned the facility “had an excellent course of classes like boundaries, parenting classes, and classes to teach you how to find a job.”

The other loved one, Kate, gave one out of five stars for treatment effectiveness and accommodations and amenities. She gave five out of five stars for meals and nutrition. She wrote that the facility had a “Very judgemental group of people.”


Next Step charges $115 per week which covers room, board, and treatments. Clients must also pay for a drug screenings multiple times per month with a fee of $10 per screening. Additionally, clients must pay a combined $230 admission fee for the first two weeks of treatment and the first drug screening up front. Clients involved in the Recovery Works Program receive services for free. Insurance plans are not accepted.


The Next Step Foundation Reviews

Absolutely awful sober living....One of the female staff members is a good teacher. She is very knowledgable but another staff member is was not god. She relapsed berself like two years ago. Def not a good program director. I cant stress enough how awful this program was for me
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Very judgemental group of people... If sitting around talking about one another is treatment then my mom didnt need to go here in the first place. I will be the first one to tell my mom she needs help but if you have to sit in a group and have a group of people tell you about how bad you are when they are going through it too .. They have no place at all to say something about her. I have been hurt by her my whole life and I dont like her but no one deserves how she got treated
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • My girlfriend, had attended this rehab, and said it was a good program. Left with my girlfriend to go to a hotel, and got drunk and never went back. Had an excellent course of classes like boundaries, parenting classes, and classes to teach you how to find a job. etc...