Valle Vista Health System

Valle Vista Health System


Founded in 1983 and located in the southern Indianapolis suburb of Greenwood, Ind., Valle Vista is a freestanding psychiatric hospital, offering a range of treatments for children, adolescents, and adults.

The hospital’s chemical dependency programs consist of medical detox, acute inpatient care for adults and adolescents (aged 13 to 18), a residential program for girls aged 12 to 18, and outpatient services at a range of intensities.


Valle Vista believes that addiction is a treatable disease, and aims to help clients to understand and desire a healthy lifestyle, free of chemical dependency and other compulsive behaviors.

Treatment begins with a free 45-minute assessment, which is used to determine the most appropriate level of care. The intensity and duration of treatment are monitored and adjusted as clients progress through the treatment spectrum.

The facility publishes little information about its programs, but reviews submitted to indicated that treatment was strongly based on the 12-Steps. As a psychiatric hospital, the center is also well positioned to take care of the medical side of addiction. Along with general medical detox and medication management, Valle Vista offers a dedicated program for opiate withdrawal.

Clients participate in individual and group therapy and receive education about the nature of addiction and recovery. Under the center’s discharge planning services, all clients leave with a plan for effective aftercare.

The girls’ residential program treats chemical dependency along with an array of other behavioral and psychiatric disorders. The program provides nursing care, recreational therapies, and individual, group, and family counseling, in a highly structured environment, under the supervision of a board-certified physician.
Outpatient options include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) with up to six hours of counseling a day, five days a week, and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that meets three mornings a week.


The staff includes physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, addiction counselors, and activity therapists.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however, reviews about the facility were mixed from alumni. One alum polled by at the time of this writing gave the facility two out of five stars for accommodations & amenities as well as meals & nutrition while another alum gave five stars for accommodations & amenities and four stars for meals & nutrition.


At the time of this writing there have been five alumni polled by Alumni reviews were mixed. One anonymous alum gave the facility three out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, two stars for accommodations & amenities, and two stars for meals & nutrition. She disagreed that the facility was adequately equipped and staffed to treat co-occurring mental health problems in addition to substance use disorders; that there were many counseling options to choose from depending on the client’s preference; and that the treatment and services offered at the facility were worth the cost. She did not add any additional commentary.

Another alum, A.E.L., gave the facility five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, five stars for accommodations & amenities, and four stars for meals & nutrition. The alum strongly agreed that family and loved ones were able to participate in treatment through facility programming; that the facility staff were experienced and well-trained; and that the alum would recommend this facility to a friend or loved one who was considering rehab. The alum felt that a strength of the facility was it’s great staff and groups. The alum also added, “Very effective easy admission. Treated like a human being.”


At the time of this writing there have been nine friends and family members polled by Loved ones gave the facility mixed reviews. Seven friends and family members gave the facility 3.2 out of five stars for exercise and leisure options and 2.7 stars for holistic offerings. Eight loved ones gave the facility 2.8 stars for its cell phone and visitation policy, 3.8 stars for cleanliness, 3 stars for affordability, 3.3 stars for the facility’s counseling options, 3.8 stars for staff experience, and 3.8 stars when asked if they would recommend the facility to a friend or family member seeking treatment. One loved one wrote, “I would recommend them. In fact it was recommended to me from a friend whom is now clean. You have to WANT to get better for them to truly help you get where you want to be.” Another loved one did not share that sentiment, and wrote “its ok but doesn’t help a lot they believe every one an cant see when some ones playing them.”


According to the facility’s website, the center accepts Medicare, Medicaid (for those aged five to 21), TriCare for inpatient treatment, and most private health insurance policies.

Valle Vista Health System Reviews

Horrible..just doctors trying you on everything they can think's called ask and we shall respond when we are ready..till then don't waste ur time or money..respect is Earned!!
Good program & counselors, great food! Good & caring counselors. The facility was pretty old at the time I was there.
They did a really good job and the staf was excellent. Great customer service.
I went in for two assessments and both times they told me that do not worry about the financial part regardless of me having a $6000 deductible on my health insurance they said with they would work out a payment plan after being discharged if I was unable to meet my deductible
We arrived at 11:45am for an evaluation for my husband to go to detox. Finally get seen at 5:15pm! The lady thought my husband was a joke and just trying to get more drugs. She did not listen. She was rude. Finally she said she had to speak with the dr and left for an hour and 30 mins!!!! Finally she came back and said we could go to St Francis to get admitted. Waste of time! Do not go here