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Michiana Behavioral Health Plymouth Indiana

Michiana Behavioral Health provides individualized psychiatric care and chemical dependency treatment for adolescents and adults. Menu of care options include assessment, detoxification, residential treatment, family counseling, addiction education, discharge planning and aftercare. The program adheres to the 12-Steps. and twice-weekly AA meetings are held onsite.


Located in a serene, wooded setting in Plymouth, Ind., Michiana Behavioral Health is a substance abuse and mental health treatment center for adults, adolescents, and children. The facility offers short-term detox and related inpatient services primarily for adults and longer-term residential care for children and teens. Those with co-occurring mental health conditions are treated here.


At Michiana Behavioral Health, all patients undergo a comprehensive assessment upon intake to ensure they receive the proper level of care.

Adult CD/Detox Services provides inpatient medically monitored detoxification for individuals addicted to alcohol, opioids, and prescription drugs. Treatment incorporates group therapy, psychoeducational sessions, family involvement, and on-site Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings twice weekly. The process can take one to seven days and is covered by most insurance. The same range of services is offered to adults in Inpatient Services who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Inpatient Services also treats children and adolescents on a short-term basis. Patients receive daily visits with a psychiatrist, group psychotherapy, expressive and family therapy, 24-hour nursing, and comprehensive discharge planning.

For longer-term care, children ages six to 12 and adolescents ages 13 to 17 may be admitted to the age-specific Residential Treatment program. Both age groups attend appropriate developmental workshops on anger management, social engagement, and communication, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and expressive arts therapy sessions. School components are fully accredited with licensed teachers.


Michiana Behavioral Health’s treatment team includes board-certified physicians and psychiatrists, as well master’s-level therapists and clinicians.


The facility is tobacco-free and does not have private rooms. Patients may not bring electronic devices and are given a confidential code to receive phone calls at scheduled times.


Alumni polled by Best-rehabs.com about Michiana Behavioral Health offered polarized feedback split between highly positive and extremely negative. Many rated treatment effectiveness perfect five out of five stars and remarked about “terrific counselors,” “affordable treatment,” “support and caring,” and “nice food.” Comments included: “I came out a changed woman,” “They gave me the stability I needed mentally to stay clean,” and “Give this place a try. The staff is friendly and caring and understand why you are there.” Another agreed: “They gave me the tools to move forward on my own and set my outpatient appointment up for me to make sure I remain on the right path.” Randall, who attended for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, reported: “It was everything I needed but could have had better aftercare. It was not easy but it opened my eyes, taught me more about myself, and gave me hope for change.”

Former clients who rated treatment effectiveness one star complained about “stripped down” rooms, “unhealthy meals,” and “a one-size-fits-all model.” Their comments included: “They do not treat everyone as individuals – they treat everyone exactly the same and people are not the same nor are their problems the same.” Alumni E.E.S. and B.M. went into further detail, each citing they spent most of their time “sitting in a room all day.”


Loved ones surveyed by Best-rehabs.com reflected the same pattern of highly positive and highly negative feedback. Among those who awarded treatment effectiveness perfect five stars, a loved one wrote about her daughter’s experience: “She felt safe there and had a positive time there. But most of all from me and my husbands view is that we see a change in her from when she went in there.” Another commented: “We had a good experience…. Our 17 year old son had 3 acute stays and a 7 month residential stay. He is doing better than he has been in a year.”

Among those who rated treatment effectiveness one star, a reviewer called the rehab a “terrible place.” Another wrote: “I strongly do not recommend this place…They released my daughter after I begged them not to. They put her on meds without contacting me.” Yet another commented: “My daughter has been going 12-13 years off and on and is getting no better.”


Michiana Behavioral Health accepts most commercial insurance plans, as well as Medicare, Managed Medicaid (Indiana), HIP (Healthy Indiana Plan), and Tricare.

Michiana Behavioral Health Reviews

I was here as an adolescent during a hard time in my life, for about a week I think. It's hard to put in to words exactly how I feel about this place. I remember they always made us brush our teeth in the morning BEFORE breakfast, and we were not allowed to brush them again after. Most of us in the unit were fine with this, we were mostly too depressed to care about it anyways. But one girl wasn't and requested to be allowed to brush her teeth after breakfast- a perfectly reasonable request, right? I mean, why shouldn't she be allowed to? Unfortunately, the staff disagreed, and forced us all to sit through breakfast until the girl "gave in". It made the entire group upset and that led to a lot of yelling between everyone. I also remember that there was a TERRIBLE ant infestation. Ants were something I had a VERY deep and intense fear of- a legitimately deep-rooted phobia. However, because I never met with a therapist or psychiatrist here one-on-one more than twice in the week I stayed, they never really learned how serious of a problem this was for me. In the two instances I spoke with someone, we never got further than them asking surface questions like, "Oh, you feel depressed? Here's a medication for that. Oh, you're anxious too? Here's something for that also." There was never a time to discuss WHY I felt depressed, where these feelings came from, or how to navigate them. Sure, we had group sessions with therapists, but it always always the same stuff. The same coping mechanisms I've heard 1,000 times over and over. Therapy like that just doesn't work for kids who are young and need the help of others to guide them through these difficult and dark emotions. I've already written enough at this point so I'm just going to leave it at that. One thing I will mention though was the chocolate milk dispenser. I LOVED that as a kid, it was really the best. It honestly made my mood better than the staff ever could. Overall, this place doesn't seem to like properly helping kids work through their problems. The staff argues with the kids often. There is no good one-on-one time with the "professionals". But there is all the chocolate milk my sad little heart could ever dream of.
I was in the acute teen section for a bit over a week. Here are my thoughts. They use quite coercive measures to get you to stay there, threatening that your insurance will not cover anything if you leave against medical advice. I was glad I did not have to interact with that person again during my time there. Most of the techs are pretty great. Quite a few have been through the same things we have. When you arrive they claim that you will have a one-on-one session with your psychiatrist and therapist every day, but you most likely will not. I saw mine around two times I think. They changed my meds, which has so far seemed to help, so I guess it was effective. A nurse and a therapist would visit once a day. In the group therapy you would normally do a craft or learn coping strategies. The nurse would talk about a variety of topics, but mainly focused on addiction. I benefited a lot from the group therapy; it is comforting to not feel alone. I was in a room with two other people, but most people only had to share with one. Showers are at night. They don't give you much time and the showers are really hot. After showers was med cart. I believe lights out was around 9:00, but most of the techs would let us talk for a bit if we couldn't sleep. We had to keep our door open all night, and it was really bright in the hallway. They checked on us every 15 minutes and did a room sweep every hour or so. My first night really sucked but I got used to it after a while. You have to make your bed every morning. After that is med cart again, and if people were being too loud we were sometimes late to breakfast. The food is decent enough. It was honestly quite similar to my school lunch. You have two options for every meal of the day, and the menu cycles every week. If you don't want anything you can also request a pbj sandwich. It was not bad while I was there, but I can imagine it gets quite monotonous for the people in the long-term unit. One thing I did not like was that they claim to be lgbtq+ friendly yet would not allow trans people to sit with their preferred gender. During the rest of the day we pretty much just alternated between the day room and the classroom. We normally watched movies, played games, or just chatted. I did so many word searches I hate them now. They had a workbook for us to work on about good coping skills and whatnot, but they didn't make us use it much. We also had periodic snacks throughout the day, though they don't give you any spoons so you sort of have to make do with the lid for some stuff. They are also very big on the no touching rule, for obvious reasons. It sucks, but I understand why they have it. There are two phone times throughout the day, one after lunch and the other after dinner. You get fifteen minutes in total, and can choose to divide it up how you see fit. You can only call people on your approved list. All in all, it's not amazing but not horrible either. The acute unit is basically just a glorified babysitting service to keep you alive and somewhat stabilize you. In the end, I think the most effective way this place prevents suicide is by making you never want to return to it.
I would like to compliment Morgan H. she was amazing and I loved her. I would also like to compliment Becca because she helped me so much. Lizz was amazing and so was Gina!
This place has some really great staff. Select staff are hands down amazing and deserve recognizition. But others need to do their jobs to start with. Dad not satisfied with my current stay here. Your just a number and keep rotating its all about the numbers and keeping the beds full. The staff is over worked, which could 'lead to an unpleasant stay. Loved doing thw groups very helpful. But will never go back or refer someone if they need help.