St. Elizabeth’s Comprehensive Addiction Program (SECAP)

St. Elizabeth's Comprehensive Addiction Program (SECAP) Brighton Massachusetts

At St. Elizabeth’s Comprehensive Addiction Program (SECAP), individuals seeking substance abuse treatment receive compassionate, evidence-based care in a well-equipped clinical setting. As Boston’s longest running hospital-based addiction treatment program, St. Elizabeth’s has access to some of the most advanced medical resources and specialists, allowing SECAP to provide patients with the highest level of substance abuse care. Services include medically-supervised detoxification, as well as outpatient support including but not limited to medication-assisted therapy, group and individual counseling, family education, and community-based prevention.


Founded in 1976, St. Elizabeth’s Comprehensive Addiction Program, commonly known as SECAP, is Boston’s longest-running, hospital-based addiction treatment program. Located in the urban neighborhood of Brighton, SECAP offers both outpatient and short-term residential services to adults. If necessary, medically monitored detoxification is available as a Level 4 certified inpatient detox program. SECAP also offers medication assisted treatment.


Like many hospital-based residential facilities, SECAP’s residential services are designed to stabilize clients and transition them into the outpatient program. Components of the short-term program (one to four days) include group therapy, meditation, individual therapy, and discharge planning. Treatment is evidence based.

For medications, the facility utilizes symptom-triggered protocols. This is where clients only take medications when symptoms are present, as opposed to a regular schedule.

Outpatient treatment is individualized and structured to serve the specific needs of young adults, women, and older adults. Programs are tailored to fit different stages of recovery — the intensive day program, which lasts one to two weeks, is designed to assist those in early recovery, while the evening program focuses on relapse prevention and psychoeducation. Components of the outpatient program include individual therapy and group counseling.

Outpatient medication assisted therapy is led by physicians. Clients participate in therapy and are prescribed medications such as Suboxone, naltrexone, and antabuse.

SECAP strongly encourages the involvement of families, offering family education programs and referrals to halfway houses and community-based programs such as Al-Anon.

Once a client completes an outpatient program, they may choose to attend SECAP’s specialized aftercare groups and services for ongoing support. Aftercare services and groups include one-on-one addiction counseling, gender-specific groups and peer counseling dedicated to opiate recovery, early motherhood, relapse prevention, and trauma.


SECAP’s treatment team includes medical doctors and nurses trained in substance abuse.


Nurses provide 24/7 care and supervision for the in-patient program. The program takes places at a hospital, so a clinical setting should be expected.


Three alumni to date reported positive experiences with this facility to The alumni polled on treatment effectiveness gave it four- and maximum five-star ratings.

One reviewer noted a lack of holistic activities, however, and mentioned feeling restricted by the hospital’s religious approach: “It was a Catholic hospital my counselor was a priest and I am a humanist,” the alum wrote.

Another former client, M.A.F., agreed with the other alumni that accommodations earned four out of five stars and praised the staff. “They call you out on your stuff so don’t think you’re going to pull the wool over their eyes – they are experienced and focused,” the alum wrote.


To date, SECAP received high ratings from the three loved ones surveyed by, who reported excellent accommodations, quality meals, and immaculate facilities.

Loved ones gave three out of five stars or higher for staff experience. Staffers were described as “awesome” and “attentive.” One anonymous reviewer, who liked the program overall and said it was worth the cost, noted that it could improve in family participation, which earned an average of 3.33 out of five stars.


According to the hospital’s website, most private insurance plans are accepted.

St. Elizabeth’s Comprehensive Addiction Program (SECAP) Reviews

18 months and counting and all thanks to Secap
A very good program and the nurses and staff are the best. The only problem I and many other patients had was with dr, she is the most difficult doctor I have ever dealt with. How they allow her to work there will always be a mystery to me.
Very good program. The staff were excellent and treated us with respect and dignity. The rooms are shared but there is plenty of privacy. The meals are fine typical hospital food but not bad. There is a common dining room with cable tv and free snacks, ice cream popsicles PB and Jelly fruit crackers, sandwiches juice etc in the fridge. Of all the places I could have gone I’m glad I picked SECAP it was a great experience and really got me on the road to recovery. They kept me very comfortable through my detox as well. The IOP is a good stepping stone to consider as well, and I would recommend SECAP to anyone.
I attended their IOP day program which was rich in information, a strong sense of community and overall a very positive experience. The team there is friendly, respectful and yet firm. They know what is needed to begin your journey into recovery and there are to provide you with the support, information and resources to be successful. They call you out on your stuff so don't think you're going to pull the wool over their eyes - they are experienced and focused. A great team and I highly recommend the program.
I was there a couple of years ago, and the care was so nice. I threw up after maybe 10 minutes and everybody treated me with respect and never looked down on me. I've had a relapse lately and called for a bed. They took all my info and were ready for me to come in.