CODA Gresham Recovery Center Outpatient and Women’s and Men’s Residential

CODA Gresham Recovery Center Outpatient and Women’s and Men’s Residential


For more than 40 years, CODA (originally called Comprehensive Options for Drug Abusers) has provided addiction treatment and social services to individuals and families in the greater Portland area. The nonprofit organization’s Gresham facility includes men’s and women’s residential and outpatient treatment programs, with an emphasis on personalized and continuous care as individuals progress from one level of treatment to another.

This is one of 41 (18.4 percent) facilities in the state with special programs that serve women who are pregnant and one of the only 19 (8.5 percent) in Oregon that serve individuals living with HIV or AIDS. Servics are also available for individuals using intravenous drugs, and detox services are available at CODA’s Tigard location.


Services begin with a 10-minute screening by telephone, followed by further evaluation on-site. Clients then receive recommendations for residential or standard or intensive outpatient treatment. Evidence-based therapies are the foundation of each level of treatment, and some CODA programs participate in federally-funded addiction research.

The men’s residential program prioritizes the development of a support network and preparing for and gaining employment and independent housing. Many residents participate in rehab as a condition of their involvement in the criminal justice system. The women’s residence also supports women who have legal obligations. Treatment incorporates parenting education.

According to the facility’s website, admission to residential treatment usually has a two week wait. Clients choosing outpatient treatment may participate in family therapy, counseling groups, and medication-assisted therapy.


CODA is staffed by a team of master’s level social workers, therapists, and counselors, led by a board-certified physician. Indeed, 99.2 percent of substance abuse treatment centers in Oregon have continuing education requirements for staff.


A state government website indicates that the Gresham facility has space for 45 men and 26 women, with additional space for 10 children staying with mothers in treatment. There are currently no other details regarding living arrangements or related offerings. Three individuals polled by to date provided generally low to mediocre ratings in these categories: all three gave three out of five stars for overall accommodations & amenities. A one-, a two-, and a three-star rating were given to meals & nutrition, and facility cleanliness received four, three, and two stars.


To date, has received survey feedback from just one former client, who indicated that they did not complete treatment due to disagreement with the facility’s rules. This individual reported that they did not learn from the program, and gave just one star to exercise & leisure activities, holistic offerings, and the connectivity policy. This former client did, on the other hand, give five stars for the level of staff training and the quality of their individual counselor’s work.

On Google, 20 reviewers produced a 3.7 out of five-star average for CODA’s Gresham facility.[1] One alum, J.D., agreed with the respondent about overly strict rules and micromanagement. He wrote that the program “(focused) on criminality rather than recovery.” Another alum complained of poorly-maintained facilities. By contrast, former client T.S. gave the program five stars and noted that they received nonjudgmental help immediately.

Negative feedback was similar on CiteHealth at the time of this writing, where the low rating of 1.7 out of five stars was given by three users.[2] One reviewer expressed concern that “There is no supervision,” and another described the facility as “Filthy, poorly managed.”


The two loved ones polled by at the time of this writing provided lukewarm feedback. Both rated opportunities for family participation four stars, and one additionally gave four stars for the facility’s holistic offerings and exercise & leisure activities, but just three stars to overall treatment effectiveness.

The other loved one, who reported that her daughter was successfully treated for meth addiction, noted that accommodations were subpar and the program “could use a more holistic approach,” providing low, two-star ratings for these categories. Still, this parent awarded four out of five stars when asked whether or not the treatment was worth the cost.


At the time of this writing, had yet to receive feedback from facility staff, but 27 Glassdoor reviews averaged a 2.6- out of five-star rating.[3] Written commentary reveals a trend toward representing employees as strongly supportive of the facility’s treatment practices. One individual wrote that staff members “believe in the science behind the work and really stand behind it.” However, more than three-quarters of the reviews also reported understaffing and high-turnover rates.


CODA accepts the Oregon Health Plan and private insurance. According to the facility’s website, a majority of residential clients receive financial assistance through subsidies or reduced fees. The two loved ones polled by at the time of this writing both indicated that the program was affordable, providing four and five out of five stars.

[1] GoogleReviews

Reviews about CODA Gresham Recovery Center Outpatient and Women’s and Men’s Residential

  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
Staff was very helpful.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • Decent overall.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Meals & Nutrition
    If you can handle the drama, it'll do the job. This is where all the government funded people, and court mandated folks go - the sort of demographic you see "depicted" on Jerry Springer. I have just as much respect and compassion for these folks as anyone else, but you have to admit...I was told that the food was terrible, but due to my ED, I never experienced it myself (I hoarded diet pepsi, coffee, celery, and soda crackers). My counselor was awesome and simultaneously intimidated the heck out of me....ask if Ivy is still there - she's a hard one to "get", and I got her - but she can come off as a bit of a nancy - because she is - and she's a large part of the misery...
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
  • well monitored, good pat working with community partners poor facilities. could use a more holistic approach. my adult daughter went through treatment here for meth addiction and it was successfl.