Westcare California- Bakersfield

Westcare California- Bakersfield


WestCare is a nationwide treatment provider that offers a range of behavioral, psychiatric and social services, particularly for low-income individuals and those involved in the criminal justice system. One of several WestCare locations in California, WestCare of Bakersfield provides a residential program for men, as well as outpatient-based treatment and case management for adults struggling with chemical dependency. The facility does not provide medical detoxification services on-site.


Before beginning treatment, clients may undergo an initial behavioral health assessment to determine an appropriate level of care. In many cases, the long-term residential program and outpatient programs may be utilized as a transitional service for individuals recently released from a correctional facility. WestCare of Bakersfield also provides outpatient programs and case management for individuals currently serving a sentence.

Men who require a highly structured environment to become acclimated to the process of recovery may be referred to the WestCare’s long-term residential program. According to the facility’s website, residential programs may last between 30 days and one year, depending on the needs of the client. WestCare of Bakersfield’s residential program utilizes evidence-based treatment methods and vocational rehabilitation to prepare individuals for sober, independent living.

During residential treatment, clients participate in a highly-structured schedule of independent and group counseling sessions to identify social, mental, and emotional contributors that may lead to addictive behavior. Residents may also attend educational workshops on improving coping skills, modifying criminal thinking, emotional regulation, and anger management. WestCare programs also generally introduce clients to self-help programs, such as 12-Step.

Along with addressing concerns related to substance abuse, WestCare of Bakersfield also provides a range of services to prepare individuals for independent living. The facility conducts vocational assessments and identify individual needs. WestCare provides job development training and job placement assistance to promote economic self-sufficiency.

Available to men and women, WestCare of Bakersfield’s outpatient programs also blend programming that treats substance abuse disorders with vocational rehabilitation. Along with case management for individuals in and out of custody, WestCare provides pre-employment training and job placement assistance. In some cases, residential clients may be encouraged to utilize WestCare’s outpatient program as a “step-down” aftercare service.


WestCare’s substance abuse-related treatment programs are facilitated by substance abuse counselors, social workers, case managers, and a support team.


There is currently no information provided by the facility regarding its living arrangements and related offerings. However, the sole alum polled by Best-rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave the facility a perfect five out of five-star rating for its overall cleanliness and upkeep.


The one alum polled by Best-rehabs.com praised most aspects of the facility, offering a perfect five-star rating for the facility’s discharge planning, as well as four-star ratings for the staff’s level of experience and training and the facility’s exercise and leisure activities. The alum cited the facility’s “hardlove” treatment approach as its strength, but gave more moderate three-star ratings for its counseling options and the amount of family participation.

Alumni opinions sourced from secondary review sites revealed mix alumni opinions. On Google reviews, two alumni both gave the facility perfect five out of five-star ratings[1]. “Would like to one day work here!” reviewer Jerrilyn wrote. However, on Citehealth, one alum rated the facility with one out of five stars.[2]“Very unprofessional staff, bed-bug infested,” the alum wrote.


Typically, WestCare treatment programs are publicly funded, and clients do not incur any charges for treatment services.

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