Will County Substance Use Initiative

Will County Substance Use Initiative


Based in the community of Joilet, Ill., 30 miles southwest of Chicago, the Will County Substance Use Initiative (WCSUI) aims to reduce the number of opioid overdoses in Illinois’ Will County through prevention, harm reduction, and referral services.


The WCSUI provides an online tutorial on how to recognize the symptoms of an overdose and how they differ from that of being under the influence. The WCSUI also distributes Naloxene, an evidence-based medication that can be injected or spayed into the nose to counter-act the symptoms of the opioid overdoes. The initiative also trains first responders and community members through its Narcan distribution program.

Under the initiative’s Safe Passages program, individuals seeking support for substance use can go to their local police department and receive the treatment they need. From the police station, they’ll be paired with a volunteer who will escort the individual to a nearby licensed treatment or detox clinic.


There is currently no information provided by the county office on the staff employed at its substance abuse initiative. The single individual to have completed a Best-rehabs.com survey as of this writing, an anonymous staff member, claimed that some staff were rude, yet they still gave three out of five stars for staff training and experience, professionalism, and availability.


The sole Best-rehabs.com survey respondent to date noted a solid treatment program but a weak administration and moldy and dirty facilities. Although offering a three-star rating for the initiative’s overall treatment effectiveness, they offered one star for the facility’s counseling options and its discharge planning. “Works well with the court system,” the employee wrote.


The WCSUI receives funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA).


In a local article published in 2017, the Substance Use Initiative’s Director of Substance Abuse was credited with leading the efforts on the local opioid epidemic.

Reviews about Will County Substance Use Initiative

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  • Treatment was good - Administration stink. Works well with the court system. Some staff would work on leisure activities and meditation. Weaknesses were well water, mold, dirty.....