Good Samaritan Hospital – Samaritan Center

Good Samaritan Hospital – Samaritan Center


Good Samaritan Hospital is a 232-bed community healthcare facility. Alongside a broad range of medical services, the hospital runs a comprehensive behavioral health division – namely, Samaritan Center. Located in Vincennes, Ind., the center treats a range of mental and behavioral health disorders, including alcohol and drug abuse and dependence, gambling addiction, anxiety and depression.

Samaritan Center offers 24-hour emergency services and acute-care hospitalization, as well as outpatient therapy.


Inpatient services are intended for emergency purposes only. The center also offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and general outpatient care.

The Samaritan Center publishes almost no information about its treatment program, though an article in the Indianapolis Monthly from 2013 indicated that treatment included group therapy. Additionally, a document produced by the Southwest Indiana Regional Council on Aging (SWIRCA) indicates that treatment is primarily focused on dual diagnosis treatment. According to the facility’s website, there’s also a day program for teens as well as specialized services for children.

In a recent report, the Samaritan Center announced that it received funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to cover the increased flow of clients seeking help with substance use disorder. The money will be used to offer greater outpatient support and minimize admissions to inpatient care.


The center employs three psychiatrists and a handful of family nurse practitioners. The two individuals polled by to date gave the center three- and five-star ratings for the staff’s level of training and experience.


There is currently no information provided by the center regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, however, the two survey respondents gave the center one- and three-star ratings for both its level of cleanliness and its accommodations.


Each of the two alumni polled by to date recommended treatment at the Samaritan Center, though they gave the center just one and three stars for its overall effectiveness. Despite this discrepancy, they shared higher ratings of four and five stars for the center’s counseling options and treatment for co-occurring disorders. In their written commentary, both reviewers noted the center’s attempt to truly engage them: “They listen and try to understand,” one reviewer wrote, the other advising others to “Do what’s possible to find a suitable treatment.”

Still, the latter complained of frequent counselor changes, while the former wrote: “They always want money.”

In a one-star review on, an anonymous former client made the claim that, while they had a “very good doctor” at this facility, they encountered problems with a “very rude uncaring and very unethical” social worker. “She acted like i was wasting her precious time,” they commented.[1]


Samaritan Center accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, as well as self-payment via cash, check, or credit card. Financial assistance is also available based on income and household size. The two alumni surveyed by gave the center one- and three-star ratings for its affordability.


Good Samaritan Hospital – Samaritan Center Reviews

  • Treatment Effectiveness
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They listen and try to understand. They always want money. I was in group. It was ok.
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Accommodations & Amenities
Do what's possible to find a suitable treatment. counslers change often.