Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council – Adult Outpatient

Central East Alcoholism and Drug Council – Adult Outpatient


The adult outpatient facility of Central East Alcoholism and Drug (CEAD) Council is one of the Illinois organization’s dozen sites providing substance abuse prevention and treatment services. Clients have access to standard and intensive outpatient programming and DUI services at this Charleston clinic. Next door is the CEAD Women’s Recovery Program and in the same town is the agency’s main facility, Hour House, at which detox and residential treatment are offered.


When entering any of the CEAD Council’s programs, individuals must complete an initial screening to determine the level of care needed. Clients needing medically monitored detox can receive that at Hour House prior to outpatient care, and the adult outpatient facility’s staff arrange for admission to any other CEAD program.

Individual, group, and family counseling are all included in both levels of outpatient treatment. DUI services cover evaluation and education. No further details regarding treatment modalities are provided on the facility’s website.


While no information specific to current outpatient treatment team members is available, open positions listed on the facility’s website include addiction counselors with a master’s degree preferred and registered nurses.


At the time of this writing, Best-rehabs.com has received only one alumni review. The anonymous alum indicated that they were strongly satisfied with their experience, awarding mostly four- out of five-star ratings in a survey of treatment and other aspects of the facility. Asked to rate their likelihood to recommend the program to others, they chose four stars, also selecting the same for the cleanliness and upkeep of the site, the availability of options in counseling approaches, the effectiveness of treatment, and the the staff’s level of training and experience. “The staff was amazing,” the alum wrote.

Three alumni and one staff member of other CEAD locations in Charleston provided an average rating of three out of five in Google reviews, with no clear trends apparent.[1]


No staff members have yet submitted reviews to Best-rehabs.com. However, seven Indeed reviews from current and former employees of Charleston facilities, including the adult outpatient site, reveal overall favorable views. Commentary reflected staff members’ enjoyment working with clients and co-workers. “I loved the passion of the counslors and many coordinators for helping people affected by addition,” one employee wrote.[2] Reviewers also described high caseloads and under-staffing.[3]


There is currently no information provided on the facility’s website regarding its costs, however CiteHealth data on the main Charleston location idicates that private insurance and Medicaid are accepted and a sliding fee scale is available.

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  • the staff was amazing. I did an out patient program and it was well worth it.