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Bowen Center


The Bowen Center is a nonprofit mental health care and substance abuse treatment organization with a dozen locations throughout northeast Indiana. Bowen Center – Huntington offers outpatient treatments for adult clients with various forms of addiction and co-occurring issues including ADHD and eating disorders. Detox services are not available onsite, but are available at Bowen Center’s inpatient unit, located in Warsaw, Ind., about 35 miles away. Specialized programs for military veterans are available as well.


According to the facility’s website, the treatment program at Bowne Center – Huntington begins with a comprehensive assessment including a medical and psychological component. Clients are assessed by a team of medical and counseling specialists to determine the appropriate level of care needed.

Treatment at Bowen Center – Huntington is strength-based, trauma-informed, solution-focused, and time-efficient, which is to say that the goal of each program is to help clients transition to stable living in recovery with a minimum of disruptive services. A variety of therapeutic modalities are employed, including the Matrix Model, Seeking Safety, and Moral Reconation Therapy for clients in the criminal justice system. Hypnosis, biofeedback, and educational workshops for anxiety and anger management are also made available.

Treatment is provided through outpatient services and is tailored to address a range of substance abuse and co-occurring issues simultaneously. Clients participate in counseling sessions focused on making rapid progress. Clients also participate in other therapy methods including educational workshops to develop sober living skills.

Specialized outpatient services are available including assessments, community outreach education programs, and employee assistance programs. The facility also provides educational services for industry professionals looking for more experience in their fields. According to CiteHealth, other specialized programs for women, men, and adolescents are offered at other Bowen Center facilities.


The treatment team at Bowen Center – Huntington is comprised of psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, social workers, licensed therapists, and chemical dependency counselors. Several staff members have Master and Doctorate-level degrees in their respective fields.


The Bowen Center – Huntington facility is located in a commercial area on property with a pond. Services are available five days a week, with evening hours of operation on Tuesday and Thursday. No residential facilities are present, but the facility does house small and large group meeting areas, as well as well-furnished offices for individual counselors.


At the time of this writing, had not yet received any alumni reviews

On Google, the facility earned 1.5 out of five stars from four reviews to date. [1] Three of the reviews were just one star. Alumni complained of scheduling difficulties and unprofessional staff members. In a representative review, alum Timothy wrote: “Absolutely horrifying. Callous, cold, uncaring, and unprofessional; almost every individual I have interacted with (on multiple levels) has been frustrating beyond belief. From a psychiatrist who refuses to listen to your concerns, to receptionists who have a superiority complex behind their glass fortress, everything about this facility it’s beyond intolerable.”


The sole loved one surveyed by provided a mediocre review of the facility.

The loved one rated treatment effectiveness, family participation, affordability, facility cleanliness, and holistic treatment offerings three out of five stars each.

The respondent identified both as a relative of a former client and as an alum of Bowen Center himself, reporting a favorable personal experience. However, he wrote that his relative did not receive proper treatment and expressed concerns with the diagnosis and lack of follow-through offered.


Two current, long-term employees offered much more positive opinions on Glassdoor. One gave an overall rating of five out of five stars to the Huntington facility and the other gave four stars. Both indicated pride in and commitment to the organization and their work with clients. The facility as a whole earned 4.5 out of five stars from 62 reviews. [2]


According to the facility’s website, financial assistance is available to clients who qualify and Bowen Center is a member of an Indiana-based managed care network. CiteHealth indicates that private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare are also accepted.


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  • Not to bash the facility because they treated me 18 years ago and I liked it. But my nephew was misdiagnosed, wasnt properly treated and ended up being released without treatment. One week later, he attempted suicide again. Now he is in prison. Mental health in this country is in a sad shape especially if you do not have health care.